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Learn how to naturally mitigate back pain without drugs or chemicals

Nearly 80 percent of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their life, using paracetamol as their first go-to medicine to soothe the pain. However, a recent study published in The BMJ (British Medical Journal) found that paracetamol is one of the most ineffective ways to treat back pain and osteoarthritis, and it increases the risk of liver issues.

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The Art of Healing is a media organisation which provides information that informs and educates readers about health and healing alternatives. A print magazine is produced quarterly which is distributed to newsagencies throughout Australia. Subscriptions are also available in print and digital formats. Our aim is to deliver reliable information on how to attain and sustain wellness, using the most natural means possible and incorporating the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of wellbeing. The Art of Healing thereby supports a holistic approach to wellbeing with a focus on the individual, and provides solutions that assist people to lead more responsible, conscious, and mindful lives on planet earth. The Art of Healing sees integrative medicine and complementary healthcare as the way of the future.

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Why Am I Running On Empty?
Beyond the crippling fatigue, the morning joint stiffness, diffuse muscle and joint pain (fibromyalgia), the accompanying anxiety and depression of hypothyroidism can become debilitating..


How Often Should I Do Yoga?
One of the things I love about yoga is that it is layered with different understandings, meanings, practices and definitions.

A Wide Variety of Reflexology Techniques
This article will give you an idea of just how many styles of Reflexology are being practised in Australia today.

Archetype, Insight and Mindfulness
Identifying archetypes in the client’s world-construct, offering hope and inspiration and as a tool for mindfulness: these are some of the ways the tarot has been useful in my counselling practice.

The New Life Foundation, Thailand
The New Life Foundation is a mindful recovery community that offers a rich learning space for people who are suffering because of stress, burnout, depression, abuse, and relationship or addiction issues.

The River of Life
My partner started to explore what new directions or rivers were available to her to change the way things were in her life, and to experience a more spiritual and fulfilling life.

The Path of the Empress
The book, The Path of the Empress explores the feminine power of transformation and how women can strengthen their erotic aura, bring determination and flexibility into harmony, use anger strategically.

Dream Incubation
In ancient times people would actively engage with their dreams and ask for guidance on a wide range of issues, from the mundane to the profound, from when to plant their crops to what offerings they should make their deities.
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Evidence-Based Aromatherapy: Stress Relief And Much More
The health benefits of aromatherapy can no longer be considered placebo in nature. Accumulating evidence now shows that the fragrance of flowers and other volatile plant compounds pack a punch as powerful as certain drugs.
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The Rise of Scientific Fundamentalism
Contrary to the beliefs of some, science is not an impenetrable body of settled fact that must be defended at all costs in the name of truth. When science becomes a worldview—a philosophy of life, a metaphysical framework that explains existence—it is no longer science; it is scientism.
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Plants can see, hear, smell, and respond to threats
Plants are able to tell different insect predators apart, both by sensing the different shapes of their jaws, and by "hearing" the different vibrations caused by their chewing, according to recent research by Heidi Appel of the University of Missouri. This allows the plants to respond with defensive measures tailored to a specific attacker, Appel said.
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The 3-Minute Ayuervedic Secret to Health and Longevity
When was the last time you had a really good look at your tongue? It’s normally something we take for granted. However, the appearance of the tongue is considered an important diagnostic tool in Eastern medicine. Alongside pulse, nail and facial diagnosis, experienced Ayurvedic practitioners use tongue analysis to detect health issues that may take years to show up on conventional medical tests.

The Man Who Moved a Mountain Alone!
There are those among us who have the passion and the dedication to face-up to awesome challenges that, when overcome, make the world a better, more beautiful place. This film is a portrait of one such man, one such passion, and one such beauty. Follow flamenco guitarist Juan Ramírez and the spark that burns within him to ignite the fiery rhythms and smouldering melodies of Spanish flamenco. "Flamenco is a hard music, because it comes from the gut," says Ramírez. "I have a responsibility to share what I have lived."
Dashrath Manjhi, also referred to as the “Mountain Man,” spent 22 long years breaking a mountain. It all started when his wife, who was trekking the mountain to bring him food, fell down and got hurt. He said to himself – everyone is born to eat, work and sleep, so why not do one thing in life which is beneficial for his wife and for others and that will serve for a long time to come? He sold his 3 goats so he could buy the hammer and chisel needed to break the 300 foot mountain. After 22 years of daily toil, working from 4 to 8am and again, after 1pm, he carved a road 30 feet in breadth and 360 feet in length.

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Natural therapy, Natural Health Magazines, Wellness, Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Magazine

Natural therapy, Natural Health Magazines, Wellness, Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Magazine

Natural therapy, Natural Health Magazines, Wellness, Holistic, Alternative and Complementary Magazine

Coconut Water: A New Alzheimer's Disease Treatment?

Unlike conventional drug treatments for Alzheimer's disease, coconut oil and water may help resolve some of the root causes of neurodegenerative conditions.


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