Your Child and their Moon Sign

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The Moon sign can be a great guide towards a better understanding of our children’s emotional nature. The astrological Moon placement describes the family as a whole, and how children fit into the entire system ie. their needs, what makes them feel safe, secure and loved and which kind of environment will provide the most positive stimulation.

Children are much more influenced by their feelings than they are by their intellect, especially in the first seven years. The Moon placement gives information about their bodily impulses and automatic reactions, how they approach new tasks, and what they need in order to feel confident. The Moon placement tells a parent what their children require when in crisis or in stressful situations.
It might be safe to say that in general, whilst people know their Sun sign, they are often not aware of anything about Moon signs. For instance, while the Sun spends one month in each sign, the Moon moves much faster and changes signs every two days.

The Moon in the Twelve Signs

Your child is an Aries Moon
Aries is a fire sign and in medical astrology rules the head and the brain. Emotions are strong, spontaneous, heating up quickly but also passing as fast as they have arrived. Aries Moon children need to learn how to express emotions positively, and how to get in touch with their feelings, otherwise they might be prone to accidents or sudden headaches. Aries Moon children love their independence and like to be physical - they just need plenty of challenging activities. However, they can exhaust their energies easily. The test is for parents to teach their Aries Moon child how to contain their emotional energy without imposing too many restrictions. When ill, your child might experience high and heavy fevers.On an interpersonal level, the Aries Moon child teaches parents consistency and mental firmness.

Your child is a Taurus Moon
Taurus is an earth sign and relates to tangible, practical things. Taurus Moon children tend to be rather sensuous and enjoy their cushions, soft clothing and cuddly toys in a pleasant and stable environment. When under stress, they might overeat, which gives them a feeling of comfort and security. In general, Taurus Moon needs to be held and cuddled more than other Moon signs. As easygoing as they may be most of the time, Taurus Moon children do resist change. They just hate moving to different locations, changing schools or meeting new people. They can be quite possessive and do not like to let go of their toys or share them as freely as other children. So, if you know that change is in the air, prepare your Taurus Moon child in advance. Thus, they feel less anxious and will be less resistant. On an interpersonal level, the Taurus Moon child teaches parents lessons of grounding and stability.

Your child is a Gemini Moon
Gemini is an air sign and relates to the mind. Gemini Moon children tend to talk early, are curious and cannot stand boredom. They like variety and parents should not expect them to play with the same toy for hours: they just won’t. They are quite nervous and moody creatures and by talking they release their tightness. Beware of over-stimulation and make sure that your Gemini Moon child finds enough rest. On the other hand, they are also very flexible and do not mind change. The challenge is to keep them interested and focused on one thing at a time. They may tend to be hyperactive. On an interpersonal level the Gemini Moon child teaches parents to communicate correctly and explain their decisions in a clear and rational way.

Your child is a Cancer Moon
Cancer is a water sign and relates to our feelings. Cancer Moon children are highly sensitive. They readily pick up negative vibrations in the home environment and often feel overwhelmed by their own emotions. They might cry easily, regardless of gender, and it is good to let them cry, it helps them heal and restore their inner balance. Cancer Moon children like to be helpful and need closeness, nurturing and family warmth. They do not deal well with family disruptions or break-ups and need to keep close contacts with loved ones. Stressful situations will affect their stomach. Cancer Moon children have a strong maternal instinct (boys and girls alike) and enjoy caring for pets, siblings or friends. They are, however, easily hurt and could withdraw into their famous crab shell for weeks. The Cancer Moon child teaches parents to establish and maintain nurturing family structures.

Your child is a Leo Moon
Leo is a fire sign and physically relates to the heart centre. Leo Moon signs are warm-hearted, affectionate and playful. They thrive on acknowledgement and positive feedback and need to feel loved. Leo Moon children are born leaders and like to give and support their friends and younger siblings. However, Leo Moon might dramatically overdo things in an ongoing search for an audience, so it is important to give Leo Moon children positive attention to avoid attention-seeking behaviour or angry emotional outbursts. Do not ignore them but rather, encourage them to explore their innate creativity. They need to feel special and respected in order to feel safe. They can be very demanding and need to learn to share the stage with others. On an interpersonal level Leo Moon children teach parents to balance their own emotional intensity with some detachment.

Your child is a Virgo Moon
Virgo is an earth sign and symbolizes the quest for perfection, order and duty. Virgo Moon children have an inborn need to be perfect and carry high expectations of themselves and others. They hate to make mistakes and easily fall into doubting themselves when they cannot achieve their desired results. It is important to teach Virgo Moon children that it is totally okay to make mistakes, that this is part of any learning experience. They are very helpful children and take pride in being useful around the house. Nevertheless, they need to be encouraged to play outside and be a bit wild at least once in a while. When stressed, Virgo Moon children may suffer from food allergies or digestive problems. On an interpersonal level, Virgo Moon children teach their parents to become more easygoing and relaxed.

Your child is a Libra Moon
Libra is an air sign and has a high need for harmony within relationships. Libra Moon children are very pleasant, social and charming. They love a beautiful environment and make friends easily. They do not enjoy being alone. Harmony in the home is very important to Libra Moons. They will try to do everything right in order to regain peace. However, it is important for Libra Moon children to learn to express their own needs, since they might push them away in fear of conflict. Teach your Libra Moon child that conflict is a part of life and that unpleasant feelings have to be dealt with instantaneously. Libra Moons need to learn to stand up for themselves. On an interpersonal level, Libra Moon children teach their parents to be honest, direct and fair.

Your child is a Scorpio Moon
Scorpio is a water sign and associated with intense emotional behaviour. Scorpio Moon children are a challenge to parents because their emotions run very deep. Being naturally secretive, they find it hard to verbally express their feelings and therefore are not easy to understand. Like other water Moons, they feel vulnerable and quickly hurt, therefore needing all the love and care they can get. Never betray your Scorpio Moon child, or break a promise: they will remember! On the other hand, they are able to focus energy and can be very dedicated to whatever they like to do. They make loyal friends but may only choose one or two trusted playmates. Teach your Scorpio Moon child the value of emotional moderation and self-discipline. On an interpersonal level, Scorpio Moon children teach their parents compassion with a good portion of patience and consistency.

Your child is a Sagittarius Moon
Sagittarius is a fire sign and symbolises the quest for truth and freedom. Sagittarius Moon children are quite easygoing, provided they have ample time to play outside and are allowed to explore their environment without too many restrictions. The routine of schoolwork might be less exciting for Sagittarius Moon, although they are keen learners. They need lots of physical activities for releasing any built-up emotions; otherwise they could be prone to passionate outbursts. Like all fire Moons, your Sagittarius Moon child has leader qualities, so allow as much independence as possible. Trust their honesty and their openness. Normally they do not have secrets and will tell you how things are for them. On an interpersonal level, Sagittarius Moon children teach their parents trust and optimism.

Your child is a Capricorn Moon
Capricorn is an earth sign symbolising the need for structure, form and material security. Capricorn Moon children are emotionally reserved and find it difficult to deal with other people’s emotional displays. However, they need as much love and care as other children, even though they might not ask you for help or emotional support They find it hard to trust and will be careful in their choices of friends. Capricorn Moons are naturally practical and organized. They enjoy purposeful activities. However, they tend to take on adult responsibilities much too early, so be careful not to overload them with tasks and duties. Instead, encourage them to play and have fun. Make an extra effort to show them your honest affections and love. They need this for their emotional development. On an interpersonal level, Capricorn Moon children teach their parents lessons in loving-kindness.

Your child is an Aquarius Moon
Aquarius is an air sign and relates to anything unusual, idealistic and visionary. For Aquarian Moon children friends are an essential part of life. This can be at times quite challenging for parents. Aquarius Moons need to experiment and therefore require parents who understand their at times rather bizarre taste. Freedom of expression is vital - and they need a lot of it! Being quite emotionally detached, they will relate to you as a friend rather than a child. Aquarian Moons usually are mentally orientated and will try to rationalize their emotions; however, they need the same love and care as other children do. Just allow your Aquarian Moons to be different and they will be less rebellious! On an interpersonal level, Aquarian Moon children teach their parents patience and tolerance.

Your child is a Pisces Moon
Pisces is a water sign, representing the lucid realms of dreams, colour and imagination. Pisces Moon children are highly sensitive and emotional. They are like psychic sponges and therefore need extra protection from harsh energies. They are very compassionate beings and feel strongly for others. Pisces Moon children are quite psychic which has to be taken seriously by parents. On the other hand, it might take them longer than other Moons to arrive on planet Earth. Extra care has to be taken to help Pisces Moon children to remain grounded in the here and now, because their natural tendency is to escape. Encourage them to express their many moods creatively, using dance, music or painting. At times, they might tell lies in order to protect themselves from feeling overwhelmed. Teach your child to be honest and the importance of taking on responsibility for their mistakes. On an interpersonal level, Pisces Moon children teach their parents the virtue of unconditional love.

Contributed by: Tina Mews





































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