The Value of Movement

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It has been scientifically proven that there is a strong connection between your thoughts, emotions and your body. The physical body is an accumulation of your environmental influences, giving you the physical manifestation of your organs, glands, muscle, tendons, bones, hair, mucus and nails to make up your physical body. Remember, your thoughts are not just in your head; your thoughts are your body.

When you add in genetics and the blueprint that your parents have given you, it then allows an understanding how the body can hold memories beyond this lifetime, your body can reflect three generations back, just as your eyes reflect your health history, when viewed through the ancient skill of Iridology. Leading to an understanding why you have your unique body shape, health issues and behaviours that ‘seem’ out of your control.

Many believe that once you have your genes, nothing can be changed, I do not believe this is true. Your physical body is your manifestation, the genetic coding or your DNA is only the template. It is entirely up to you how you interpret this coding through your own individual cellular wisdom. This means taking total responsibility of being the creator of your physical body.

If you can see your body as a means of communication from your soul, it gives a totally different perception, allowing a freedom in which you can live through, rather than being a victim. When you notice stiffness, pain or restriction of movement it is a time to ask, “what might I be holding on too?” You may become aware of an incident, emotion or thought that has got ‘caught’ in your thinking process, leading to reduction of flow of your life. If you are not in the process of practising movement, especially flowing movement, this restriction may take longer to notice, giving it a stronger chance to solidify into your physical body. A flexible body has a youthful attitude and mind, allowing the flow of life to be one of ease.

Movement is an opportunity to feel how you are relating to your mental, spiritual, sexual and physical environment. Unfortunately many view the body as something to be endured and exercise or movement is what you have to do when you are trying to lose weight, or the freaky people who do not have a life. I prefer the view that movement is an opportunity to check in on the body, leading to less density and obstruction of energy flow, allowing the natural process of renewal and growth rather than deterioration. I promise you the external body is a reflection of the inner body. It is vital that an understanding is reached that if there is poor muscle tone on the outside, it will be the same on the inside, affecting the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, flow of energy, ability to repair and ultimately the premature loss of youthfulness, which has nothing to do with your chronological age!

It is vital that an understanding is reached that if there is poor muscle tone on the outside, it will be the same on the inside, affecting the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, flow of energy, its ability to repair and ultimately result in a loss of youthfulness, which has nothing to do with your age!
In a nutshell, it will effect everything, but the crazy situation is, you get used to the slow decline in your health and put it down to, I am just getting older, it happens to everybody.

Contributed by: Vicky Jane Spencer


































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