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Amy Campion

Amy Campion is an experienced writer, coach and trainer. She works globally with people using dreams, intuition and imagination to help enhance their consciousness and achieve self-fulfillment.



  Anne Matheson

Anne Matheson

Anne Matheson owns and operates Integrated Therapeutics Australia Pty Ltd., producers of the Propinquity Vibrational Essences range, which assist in healing constricting emotions, clearing limiting emotions, and building expanding emotions. Anne also conducts workshops to help create emotional health and wellbeing. Visit her website at: www.propinquity.com.au.

  Di Skelly Heron

Di Skelly Heron

As an Art Teacher, Di runs weekly classes on learning to paint from the heart and facilitates workshops on Fearless Creating. As an author Di writes cookbooks with a focus on cleansing and balancing the body using natural foods. Di has also developed a training course under the name “Kitchen Coach”, which is based on the book’s unique food programs.

Ph:  (07) 5502 1409

Email: Graeme@diskellyheron.com
  Frank Vilaasa  

Frank Vilaasa

Frank Vilaasa is a counsellor, healer and meditation teacher and has practiced healing, relationship counselling and psychotherapy in the UK, Australia and SE Asia for the past 20 years. His approach to spirituality is taken from Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, Tantra, and the teachings of Osho. You can find out more about Frank and his book 'What is Love' on his website www.awaken-love.com


Jeff Shearer

Jeff Shearer has been in practice since 1995. Starting out as a deep tissue massage therapist he fell in love with the Chinese perspective on health and went on to study Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts. The belief that the body is a self-healing mechanism has helped Jeff to assist his patients to be able to understand their own bodies more and enabled them to be the greatest asset in their own positive health.

Jennifer Schrader

Jennifer Schrader has a Diploma of Teaching (Yoga) with Gita International and a Graduate Certificate (Yoga Therapy) with the Institute of Yoga Therapy/CAE, as well as other post graduate yoga studies. She is a former President of the Australian Association of Yoga Therapists (AAYT).

Joy Aimee

Joy Aimee is a qualified counsellor, coach, author and publisher. She is passionate about empowering men and women to connect with the healing power of their own innate creativity through telling, understanding and healing their personal story. Joy is also a highly sought-after tarot reader and has trained in esoteric astrology, reiki and dream work.

Kakkib li’Dthia Warrawee’a

Kakkib li’Dthia Warrawee’a

Kakkib li’Dthia Warrawee’a is a Doctor of Ya-idt’midtung Medicine, and a Spiritual Teacher/Philosopher who lectures for the Faculties of Medicine for a number of universities in Australia and overseas. He also lectures for E.S.T.T. College of Natural Medicine in Victoria and is the author of the book “There Once Was a Tree Called Deru” (HarperCollins).

Kimberley Paterson

Author, journalist and public relations specialist Kimberley Paterson has been writing about the spiritual for 25 years. Kimberley has spent more than two decades ahead of the curve when it comes to the now exploding interest in green issues, natural health and wellness and was focused on green and holistic wellbeing long before either were cool.

Paola Emma

Paola Emma believes Astrology has a very important role to play in the birth of a new consciousness and is particularly interested in observing cosmic influences on the socio-economic, spiritual, artistic and cultural development of the world. Paola holds a Federation of Australian Astrologers’ Diploma.

Philip Pluckrose of Dynamic Dolphin Designs

Philip Pluckrose

Over 20 years experience in Web Design and computer programming, experienced in electronics manufacturing. Currently running Dynamic Dolphin Designs, a small business Web Design & Hosting operation.

Ph: 03 9752 8819
Email: philip@dynamicdolphindesigns.com.au

Website: www.dynamicdolphindesigns.com.au

Professor Avni Sali

Professor Avni Sali is Founding Director of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM). He oversees the facilitation of the practice of Integrative Medicine at the NIIM Clinic in Hawthorn, as well as the promotion of education and research.

Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves is an accredited Naturopath based in NSW, Australia. He developed and embraced his intuitive abilities at a young age. Robert has a strong connection to the angels and to nature believing that nature holds the ability to heal when guided from the Divine.

Scott Alexander King

Scott Alexander King


Scott Alexander King is a teacher, animal psychic and zoomancer – an individual that examines the habits and appearance of animals to help explain or reveal the future path of people. He is the author of 2 books including ‘Animal Dreaming’, which offers insight into the wisdom of over 200 indigenous and introduced Australian animals. For more information please visit Scott’s website at: www.animaldreaming.com.

Website: www.animaldreaming.com

Simone Mathews

Simone Mathews

Simone Matthews is founder & CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Universal Life Tools - an on-line Lightbrary of Universal Wisdoms to empower people to live happy, abundant & healthful lives. Through her workshops, Simone awakens people to their Soul Passion, whilst fulfilling her own passionate obsession with crystals

Website: www.universallifetools.com

Sonam Rigzin and Maureen Fallon

Sonam Rigzin is an ex-monk from Drepung Loseling Monastery, one of the three pre-eminent monasteries of higher learning in the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Together with Maureen Fallon, ideas person and writer, Sonam and Maureen are well-qualified to disseminate ancient Tibetan ‘pearls of wisdom’.


Website: www.gyuto.va.com.au/gyuto.va.com.au

Sonia Friedrich

Sonia Friedrich is a mentor and strategic consultant working with individuals and leaders of business helping them to integrate their personal and professional life. She holds a Bachelor of Business and has worked in the corporate arena with Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years.
Stephen Eddey

Stephen Eddey

M.Sc., B.H.Sc (Comp. Med), Dip. App. Sc. (Nat), Ass. Dip. App.Sc. (Chem), N.D. Stephen Eddey’s experience includes 4 years as a chemist, 5 1/2 years as a technical consultant/lecturer for Metagenics, and he is currently Vice Chancellor of Heath Schools Australia. Stephen is currently undertaking a  PhD in obesity/vascular disease.


Ph: 1800 074 004
Email: enquiries@healthaustralia.com
Website: www.healthaustralia.com

Tania Ash

Dr Tania Ash is an A5M (Australasian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) Fellowship and Melbourne University trained Integrative Medical Doctor and is an owner and Clinical Director of Vitality Hub, a holistic multi-disciplinary clinic in Prahran, Victoria. Dr Ash is passionate about integrative medicine, and specialises in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, including the biotoxin illnesses of mould and tick-borne illness Lyme disease.

Tony Caves

Tony Caves has a lifelong interest in the application nofliving philosophy found in such practices as Meditation and Martial Arts and their relationship to wellness. He uses Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Polarity Therapy, Taji and Qigong in his teaching and practice.

Ted Scott

Ted Scott

Ted Scott is a management consultant, executive coach and board director. He has a strong interest in spirituality which informs his coaching methodology. He is author of Augustus Finds Serenity, Yu the Dragon Tamer and co-author (with psychologist Dr Phil Harker) of the Myth of Nine to Five.
Share some of Ted’s thoughts by visiting his blog site
at http://tedscott.aampersanda.com


Website: www.tedscott.aampersanda.com


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