Colour: White, yellow, pale green/yellowy brown
Chakra: Heart, Earth & Cosmic Gateways
Element: All
Numerology: 6
Hardness: 8 (Mohs scale)
Star sign: All

Rhodizite puts creedance to the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’. These tiny minerals, usually less than 3-4mm in diameter, are powerful amplifiers of energy and manifestation accelerators.
The crystalline structure of Rhodizite is a complex mineral borate composed of Potassium, Cesium, Aluminium, Beryllium, Boron, and Oxygen ((K,Cs)Al4Be4(B,Be)12O28) in a cubic formation. The mineral is often found crystallized in dodecahedral and trigonal formations. Rhodizite is found in Madagascar and Russia, and usually in the presence of Tourmaline.
It is only in recent months that I had the exquisite pleasure of holding Rhodizite in my hands and the memory of the experience will stay with me forever. Do you remember as a child ‘exploding candy’, well this is the exact experience I had with Rhodizite - an explosion of energy as I held it.
As I placed the Rhodizite on my palm, the tiny crystals felt as if they were crackling and popping, and I was literally blown away as many physically jumped off my hand and rolled onto the floor. Not perturbed, I returned the wayward pieces to my palm, only to have the exact same experience again. By this stage I was breathless with excitement and couldn’t wait to energetically connect with the Crystal Deva (spirit guide/custodian) for Rhodizite, and channel the energetics of this divine crystal. This is what I found:
Rhodizite is an amplifier of our thoughts, words, actions, emotions and hence all vibrations in our environment. Rhodizite absorbs energy direct from our Sun and ‘holds’ these solar vibrations within its crystalline matrix. When external frequencies then come in contact with Rhodizite, this triggers a release of ‘solar power’, with the effect of raising the intensity and duration of the original frequency.
So how does this apply to you, you may ask? With a little piece of Rhodizite by your side, your ability to manifest in the physical will be greatly enhanced. The crystal takes your intents, magnifies them through its solar rays and hence creates a powerful electro-magnetic field, a field of attraction. Rhodizite thus draws to you that which you wish to be made manifest within your life.
My only word of caution with using Rhodizite is to be mindful of your thoughts, and what you ‘think’ you may want within your world. Rhodizite amplifies ALL energies, thus if you are focussing your intent on negative thoughts or speaking from a place of fear, then these vibrations will become magnified and your experiences may become quite unpleasant.
With its strong amplification effects, Rhodizite is a brilliant crystal to use with other energetic tools for healing. Place a piece of Rhodizite beside other crystal(s) during a healing session, to increase the intensity of the other stones without altering their application. Rhodizite assists the healer penetrate more deeply into a clients energetic field, to release the dis-ease associated with illness and then reweaves the energy field with solar light.
With its expansive energies, Rhodizite facilitates the opening and activation of the higher chakras. Via the 3rd eye, Rhodizite enhances a person’s psychic abilities to see within the etheric body (hence perfect for medical intuitive insights) and to remote view events/situations in all directions of time and space. The crystal’s energy also assists in viewing past lives and understanding how these experiences directly relate to your souls current journey.
Rhodizite helps people to access their higher wisdom and integrate this light language here in the physical via the crown chakra. If you are having a difficult time interpreting dreams, following your inner guidance or gaining clarity on signposts within your life, then Rhodizite can assist you to directly access these wisdoms by harmonically resonating your heart with your Soul Star, your higher self.
Finally, the Crystal Deva for Rhodizite revealed that this crystal is a powerful magnet not only for the rays of our Sun, but also for the solar rays that sit within the core of our Earth. Rhodizite has a natural propensity to draw upon these energies within our Earth’s core, grounding our body of light to Earth, and facilitating a wildly potent experience of kundalini rising. This natural ‘high’ induces a sense of inner-strength, a confidence of self, and divine acknowledgement of your role as co-creator of your life’s experiences. A co-creator that openly receives divine wisdoms with grace then enacts upon these blessings in the name of divine will and love for creation.

Simone Mathews is a Regular Writer for the Crystal Healing section in The Art of Healing. Simone is the founder of Universal Life Tools: www.universallifetools.com

The photos published with all the Crystal Healing articles are taken by Photographer Rebecca de Carlo: www.ThatCrystalSite.com


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