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A Taoist Master Explains the Source of Problems in the World Today

Searching for the roots of today’s problems, and for realistic solutions, can be a wild goose chase. It seems almost everyone is pressing an opinion or pushing an agenda, always outwardly, always blaming some group or other for the chaos and suffering in our world, which never lets up. The division and frustration breeds more division and frustration, as we drift ever further from harmonious, peaceful living.

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  red rose hips CROPPED.jpg   Resisting Change Is The Easiest Way To Miss Out On Life

It is hard to admit when we get stuck. It hurts our ego and makes us feel like we’ve made a personal mistake. We take this personally because we have identified with the part of ourselves that wants to stay the same. When we identify with something, we make ourselves into it. Admitting that we need to change requires acknowledging there is something wrong with us, and we tend to have a hard time with this.

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Dying to Live – Embracing Change

“Change is the only constant in life”
– Heraclitus

Things are really beginning to be shaken up in the world, and no doubt this is being reflected in people’s personal lives. Climate changes, Brexit, President Trump, and economic uncertainty to name but a few. So we can be forgiven for feeling rather unstable and insecure as the very foundation of our reality is changing.So, how might we embrace this change, both in the wider world and in our personal lives, while maintaining a sense of who we are within all this? The answer — embracing death, in order to truly live.

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  Spirit Medicine for the Age of Chaos, Division and Decay   Spirit Medicine for the Age of Chaos, Division and Decay

I find it easy to imagine a better world, one in which compassion and brotherhood reign supreme. Where greed has been dethroned and truth is respected and revered. A world where our resources are applied creatively, where technology liberates people instead of killing them, and where the natural world is as precious as the human body.

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  How to Create Real Change: Balancing Heart and Hustle   How to Create Real Change: Balancing Heart and Hustle

Creating a life change takes some hustle; let’s not beat around the bush here. I’m not talking about struggle, but effort… the kind of effort that says you mean it.

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  Using Our Powerful Authentic Voice, Even When It’s Hard To Speak   Using Our Powerful Authentic Voice, Even When It’s Hard To Speak

Being an authentic voice of change can be what breaks through the collective illusions — especially when it’s hard to even speak above the deafening roar of unconsciousness, judgements, and social programming. Such authenticity has the power to dissolve the veils of separation, awaken those who are asleep, and remind those who may have forgotten what incredibly powerful, spiritual energetic beings of light, we all truly are.

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  How To Feel Less Stressed and Less Sad   How To Feel Less Stressed and Less Sad

There’s no doubt there is an increasing amount of anxiety and depression in our modern world. This is partly because the standard combination of pharmaceutical drugs and mainstream psychology struggles to work. Fortunately however, there are other ways through.

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  Learn to recognise and prevent early warning signs of high blood sugar and diabetes   UK College Of Medicine Addresses Food, The Forgotten Medicine

In a break away from the past conference convention, health charity, the College of Medicine in the UK held its 2016 conference on food and medicine in June 2016. Acknowledging the impacts of diet and lifestyle choices on health, this was a first for conventional clinicians in the UK. It was a conference orchestrated by clinicians for healthcare professionals with a desire to understand how food can be used to prevent and treat different problems and diseases.

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Ghandhis 10 Rules for Changing The World

Change the world; we hear those words thrown around quite frequently, and to some, the notion seems incredulous. However, if we take an inner approach, rather than an outer one, and transform our individual selves into adopting the qualities we wish to see in the world, then the task at hand won't seem as daunting. In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, "As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -- that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves." In this article, the Positivity Blog's, Henrik Edberg, addresses Gandhi's top ten fundamentals for changing the world.

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'Naming and Taming Worry and Anxiety

While worry and anxiety can both make you miserable, they are two distinct concepts occurring in different parts of your brain. You can have worry without anxiety, and anxiety without worry, but one often triggers the other, and they tend to be bosom buddies, unfortunately.

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  We Can't Eat GDP: Global Trends on Alternative Indicators   We Can't Eat GDP: Global Trends on Alternative Indicators

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the best-known “number” in economic governance. It drives national policies, sets priorities in the social fields (e.g. there exists a ratio between GDP and how much spending in welfare is considered appropriate by many countries) and ultimately affects the societal landscape of a country (e.g. by determining labour-business relations, work-life balances and the type of consumption patterns adopted by citizens).

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