15 Must-Know Facts About Iodine  

Why your T3 thyroid hormone is low and why it is the most important factor to know?

There is no doubt there is an epidemic of thyroid disorders right now and they are on the rise. It seems that the greater majority of women have some degree of thyroid dysfunction. Unfortunately, medical doctors do not look for the cause of hypo or hyperthyroidism and usually prescribe a medication which masks the actual cause of the actual thyroid issue leading to a worsening of symptoms over time.

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  Tasmanian Devil Milk is capable of killing the most deadly superbugs  

Addictive Behaviour Related to Low Levels of Oxytocin, the “Love/Bonding Hormone”

The more we understand how nature works, the more we realise just how complex, intricately balanced and ingenious its systems are. One aspect that we are currently gaining more insight into is the human body’s ability to produce natural chemicals and their effects on our general wellbeing.

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Soy Eases Menopause Better with Equol Production

The science of soy and soy isoflavones for menopause has experienced a bumpy ride. But now we know better. Turns out those bumps in the road came in the form of a little-understood metabolite called equol.

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7 of the Best Herbs for Women’s Health

Herbs are widely used by many people all over the world, mostly by those seeking alternatives or adjuncts to traditional pharmaceuticals. While no one herb will solve every health issue, scientific data exists to show specific chemicals within certain herbs have the power to affect biological function. Herbs for women’s health have been researched extensively over the past few decades, with many showing promise for improving libido, supporting energy levels, and elevating mood.

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8 habits that have hijacked your hormones

Hormone dysfunction is a very common concern and is becoming so problematic that hormonal cancer and disease are becoming commonplace in our society. Whether it is breast cancer, prostate cancer, or hypothyroidism, there are some very distinct habits that have been major contributors to these diseases, which we need to stop in order to get a hold on our hormones.

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Adrenal nutrition and natural remedies for adrenal fatigue

We are all aware of adrenalin, the fight or flight hormone that kicks in whenever we find ourselves facing a threat. But did you know adrenalin is only one of the many hormones produced by the adrenal glands?

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Oestrogen Overload – How Environment and Lifestyle Contribute to Hormonal Imbalance while Devastating the Health of Both Men and Women

Oestrogen is typically considered a female hormone, vital for the reproductive system. Yet with the widespread use of plastics and pesticides, oestrogen dominance is now a serious issue for both men and women. Excessive levels not only increase the incidence of breast, colon and prostate cancer, but also foster weight gain, fatigue, irritability and mental instability. Present in a variety of consumer goods like cosmetics, shampoos, oil-based coatings and animal products, we are bombarded by chemical oestrogens at every turn. Minimising the damaging effects is a three-fold process: limit exposure, detoxify and balance with progesterone.

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Roundup Herbicide 125 Times More Toxic Than Regulators Say

Highly concerning new research reveals chemicals used in industrial agriculture are up to 1,000 times more toxic than the regulatory system presently states.

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Is the World's Number No.1 Herbicide in Your Body? Test Yourself!

World First Validated Public Testing Set to Increase Pressure for Ban on Glyphosate. Is the World's Number No. 1 Herbicide in Your Body?

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