Tasmanian Devil Milk is capable of killing the most deadly superbugs  

The Toxins In Our Brain and the Essential Oils That Can Actually Help by Dr. Eric Zielinski

Just like other organs in the body, the brain needs to regularly purge toxins, such as viruses and heavy metals. It is during our hours of sleep that our brain can unplug and detoxify, as it is constantly busy and engaged during our waking hours. While we sleep, the metabolic activity of our brain is about 10 times more active.

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  Ways to Improve Memory and Live Longer with Music

The Greenest Way To Detox Our Homes

Household plants do more than adorn our homes - as living, breathing beings themselves, they also inject more life force into our space.

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The silent toxin in food that provokes cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more

Found in everything from cereal grains to dried fruit and nuts to legumes, along with wine, hard cheeses and certain types of coconut oil - mycotoxins are difficult to dodge. Associated with a variety of diseases, these fungal metabolites can wreak havoc on the health of both body and mind. Just the same, we don't need to be at the mercy of these invisible troublemakers. Instead, we can take active steps through dietary interventions to reduce exposure and decrease damage.

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