red rose hips CROPPED.jpg   Brené Brown's On How To Cultivate Belonging In A Divided Culture

America is in the midst of a spiritual crisis of disconnection—and that’s not my opinion, but a finding from some of the latest research by social scientist Brené Brown. Brown’s new book, Braving the Wilderness, is about how we can find our sense of belonging in today’s divided political climate. But its lessons apply to anyone who feels as if they don’t belong—in their family, their social circle, or their workplace.

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  Migraines? Powdered ginger may help  

A Taoist Master Explains the Source of Problems in the World Today

Searching for the roots of today’s problems, and for realistic solutions, can be a wild goose chase. It seems almost everyone is pressing an opinion or pushing an agenda, always outwardly, always blaming some group or other for the chaos and suffering in our world, which never lets up. The division and frustration breeds more division and frustration, as we drift ever further from harmonious, peaceful living.

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  Self Criticism? How to Overcome Your Inner “I’m Not Good Enough” Voice  

Voices in Your Head? Don’t Worry You’re Not Crazy!

Although most people never discuss it, almost everyone hears voices in their heads. In fact, there is usually at least one internal voice that controls our behaviour and enforces perceived limitations. We often know this relentless voice as the “inner critic” or “doubter,” but where did it come from, why is it stuck on replay, and, most importantly, how do we get rid of it once and for all?

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