Colour: Deep red, to brown, to orange/yellow
Chakra: Earth Star, Base, Sacral & Solar
Element: Fire, Earth
Numerology: 9
Star Sign: Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus


Please take a look at the piece of Vanadinite in the photo above... what is the first word that comes to mind ?
For me the word is ‘Service’... and most interestingly the words Service and Vanadinite are both the number nine in numerology. The number nine represents the energy of humanitarian pursuits and service to self, fellow man and to all of creation.
Excuse the Australian colloquialism, but Vanadinite brings the energy of service to life through a powerful and intense ‘kick up the butt’. But before we get into the energetics lets take a look at the physical aspects of this crystal.

Physical Properties of Vanadinite
The crystalline structure of Vanadinite is composed of lead, vanadium, oxygen, and chloride, Pb5(VO4)3Cl, taking on a hexagonal prismatic structure.
The rarest Vanadinite specimens are found in Morocco and Namibia, however other major deposits are found also in Arizona, New Mexico and Argentina. Vanadinite is not a common mineral, and is most usually found alongside oxidised lead deposits.
My favourite specimens are those that exhibit a deep red, or orangy-red hue, and contain large hexagonal (6 sided) formations. The number 6 is important here also, as it represents service (the number 9), through the heart (the number 6).

Energetic Properties of Vanadinite
To understand how to work with the energy of Vanadinite, lets follow the letters of the word SERVICE.

Service and Surrender: In order to be of service we must let go of the ego and allow the infinite flow of universal energy to move through us. Vanadinite assists in showing us how our ego/fear can block the path of growth, and prevent us from reaching our full potential.

Energy: What better way to transmute these ego/fear blockages, than to use the fire elemental energy of Vanadinite to shift any stagnation (physical, emotional, mental), and bring life to our lower chakra centres. As Vanadinite energises our base and sacral chakas, we become inspired, stimulated and thrust into action...

Real: Vanadinite has a strong Earth elemental energy too, thus it grounds our energetic body to the Earthly plane. To bring our dreams into physical form we must keep it ‘real’ at all times. Thus Vanadinite assists in taking physical steps of action in bringing your higher ideals into clear, logical and obtainable physical form. There is no point dreaming the most wildlly passionate, exciting and fulfilling vision for your life, if you do not put steps into place to make it a reality.

Vision: Vanadinite is a practical crystal to use for manifestation, and reminds us there are no ‘quick fixes’, as energy will move and create in perfect timing and order for the highest good of all. Thus if you tend to be impatient and want results ‘yesterday’, Vanadinite assists you hold the greater vision and trust that all will be made manifest with divine timing.

Intuition: As you hold your vision of service, Vanadinite will attract to you the magical synchronicities to weave your dream into physical form. So it is imperative when working with Vanadinite that you follow your intuition and act on those ‘gut feelings’ which hold the keys to your goals being realised.

Creativity: Vanadinite is one of the premier crystals for getting those creative/sexual juices flowing. It activates our desire to bring our inner most passions into this world, for our own wellbeing and for the benefit of all. Once you connect with the Vanadinite energy, there is just no holding you back !

Endurance: What makes Vanadinite extra special I feel is its ability to assist us in maintaining our interest, drive, committment and stamina in achieving our goals. As we hold the heart-felt committment to Service, and channel the Energy whilst keeping it Real, holding the Vision, connecting with our Intuition and allowing Creativity to flow, it is the vitality that is fostered through Vanadinite which keeps us on track to realise our dreams.

How to use Vanadinite
Vanadinite likes to be around you, and work with you in supporting your desires. I personally have a beautiful piece that sits on my desk in my office, to give me strength to get through the day, and decrease fatigue and weariness. It is also ideal to place a piece on your bedside table or under your pillow, to allow the creative intuitive visions to come to you during the dream state. When I am really pushed for deadlines, and need a spark to keep me going, I place a little hexagonal crystal in my pocket. It always works - its magic !

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