By Julie Wilson

Alternative health experts will tell you time and time again that while it’s true that our ancestors suffered from life-threatening infectious diseases, their illnesses were short-lived compared to today’s society, in which a substantial part of the population is paralysed by debilitating chronic diseases. The Natural Way to Heal by Walter Last examines why, with all of the technology of the 21st century, so many people suffer from chronic illness. The following is an excerpt from his book

Initially, most health seekers are mainly concerned with overcoming a specific health problem, using the specific method or remedy promising the quickest result. However, in the long run and as we get older, more health problems or diseases pop up and become increasingly difficult or impossible to overcome just by using a “magic bullet.”

This then makes the idea of serious lifestyle changes towards natural living and holistic healing more attractive, giving us a much better chance to become and remain healthy and fit into old age.

I have no doubt that it is our natural birthright to be healthy and that it is unnatural to have a disease. A disease means that we (or possibly our parents) did not live according to our biological, social, or spiritual nature.

The Natural Way to Heal

At present most of humanity lives in unnatural conditions surrounded by a minefield of technological and chemical health hazards. Even worse is our ignorance about the nature of these hazards that are mainly hidden from our awareness.

Therefore, in order to live more naturally we need to become aware of the main health hazards in our environment and learn to avoid them or minimise their effect on us.

We can learn from our own experiences and from those of others and we can also develop our intuition or ask for guidance through prayer and meditation. If in doubt about a choice, try to imagine which course of action is more natural or more in harmony with your biological, social, and spiritual nature.

The main biological influences on our health are nutrition, exercise or how we use our body, and environmental factors. In addition to improving these conditions, there are numerous natural healing methods to help us in our quest for good health. These include herbs and other natural remedies, working on muscle and bone structure, and using electrical, magnetic, and vibrational medicines and approaches.

The Road Towards Disease

Become aware of the factors that causes your illnesses. People in Western society are rarely healthy. Real health – the perfect functioning of all parts of body and mind – is so rare that people mistake the temporary absence of disease symptoms for health. Formerly, people suffered mainly from violent but short-lived infectious diseases; now many are afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases for a lifetime.

The main factors causing widespread health degeneration are as follows:

1. Unnatural nutrition

Food refining; lack of “living food”; lack of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes; incorrect food combining; unsuitable diet for metabolic or blood type.

2. Chemicalisation

Pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, medical drugs, food additives, and contact with synthetic garments.

3. No exercise

Lack of sufficient physical activity or exercise in natural, unpolluted surroundings.

4. Harmful negative feelings and emotions

Resentment, fear, discontent, greed, envy, and lack of positive feelings and emotions, such as gratitude, devotion, contentment, joy, unselfish love.

5. Harmful mental attitudes

Lack of spiritual or humanistic goals, lack of faith.

6. Emotional damage

Sustained during birth, childhood, or adolescence; lack of positive role models.

7. Inherited genetic problems

Genetic makeup of poor and deteriorating quality.

The general sequence leading to the development of poor health and chronic diseases commonly is as follows: Emotional injuries received during birth and childhood, as well as negative attitudes and emotions experienced during later life, block the free flow of bioenergy within the body.

This weakens the blood circulation and the glandular system, as well as the functions of affected organs. Inherited metabolic weakness and poor nutrition as well as chemical pollution combine to cause an inefficient use of biochemical building blocks and poor cellular energy production. Disease results.