In our SEP/NOV 2020 magazine for Spring, we have published articles on COVID-19 which include herd immunity, the immune response, how far-UVC light can safely kill airborne coronaviruses, and an extract from Dr Michael Mosley’s latest book COVID-19: What You Need To Know About The Coronavirus And The Race For The Vaccine. This issue also has a very valuable article on how to stress less and tips on stress management by Matthew Johnstone. We bring a lot more art and imagery into this issue as well, to demonstrate how imagery can also heal, with a fabulous profile on Spanish artist Antonio Mora, and an extract from 108 Days, 108 Ways by author and wellness consultant Libby Perkins. The profile on Annie Morabito many will find useful as well. Annie describes herself as a grief and loss counsellor or end-of-life companion and is an example of a very special person to have in your community. Last but not least (there is lots more) Andrew Jobling shares his life journey and what he describes as the wellness puzzle.

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