Who are we?

The Art of Healing is a media company that creates and curates content from the health and wellness domains, including up-to-date global news and research, interviews and Q&As, book and product reviews, personal stories and more. Our purpose is to inform and educate readers about preventative and holistic approaches to healthcare and self care. Key areas we investigate include the physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental aspects of what it takes to be a functional and contributing individual and member in our communities.

What are our products?

• quarterly print + digital magazine
• weekly EDM (8000+)
• contemporary website – updated daily
• Go Well radio – weekly community radio + podcasts
• social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

What services do we have to assist you with planning + actioning?

  • advertising/marketing print + digital quarterly magazine
  • advertising/marketing weekly newsletter (EDM) including Solus EDM and newsletter sponsorship
  • advertising/marketing website including sponsored content
  • content marketing and native advertising
  • marketing consultancy and assistance

What can we help you achieve?

CONNECT: We want to work collectively with you and your team and together create more strength and relativity with your brand to give it more impact and longevity.

COMMUNICATE: We will listen to you and your needs to gain maximum clarity about where you want to take your business, and then custom design a campaign to take you to where you need to be.

FLOW: We like to work in a transparent and fluid way to stay ‘in-tune’ with market and environment shifts, which we convey to you during your campaign development.

ETHICS: We like to work sustainably and ethically, and join with others who have a similar intent.

ENGAGEMENT: We will present to you opportunities to gain maximum engagement, through the use of different platforms, content and copy writing, and the creation of messages that have relevant and memorable impacts for your brand.


Cate Mercer

I have a very varied background, which has helped me a lot with all the different skills and experience you need for producing a magazine. I’ve worked across many industries (IT, Accounting, cinema & film, newspapers & magazines) and in varying job roles throughout my career, from design through to management, marketing and sales. I also have a Business Management degree which helps with all the admin.


Cate Mercer Headshot WEB BW

Shikha Aggarwal

I am a highly qualified and talented professional working in Web Development and Digital Marketing, and have 15+ years experience in Web Development & SEO. I love learning new things and like to experiment and create new things too. The only thing I don’t like is to waste even one single minute in life.


Lyndsie Clark

Lyndsie has over 10 years of magazine and digital publishing experience, working in a variety of roles spanning sales, editorial, operations, events, business development, and management. She has a keen understanding of how businesses can use content and branding to build trust and connect with their clients in a valuable way. Lyndsie also runs the Niche Publishing Network, a news and information hub for B2B, special interest, association-based, and custom magazine publishers to help their print titles thrive in a digital age.

Lyndsie Clark pic BW


Mia has enjoyed a thriving PR, social media and marketing career over the past 15 years – working with agencies, start-ups, non-profits and multi-nationals across a range of industries. She’s worked on award winning PR campaigns and has been a PRIA Golden Target Awards judge. Mia’s strengths include strategic planning, media relations and writing engaging content for print and online. She’s currently enrolled in the prestigious Professional Writing and Editing course at RMIT and is also a certified Iyengar yoga yoga – teaching group and corporate yoga classes around Melbourne.

Content Writer

Meena is a health and wellness content writer and content creator. She takes a heart-centred approach to help businesses make meaningful connections with their audience through effective content marketing solutions. She specializes in SEO blogs and articles, creative content for websites, and copy for marketing collateral.