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The Value of Movement

It has been scientifically proven that there is a strong connection between your thoughts, emotions and your body. The physical body is an accumulation of your environmental influences, giving you the physical manifestation of your organs, glands, muscle, tendons, bones, hair, mucus and nails to make up your physical body. Remember, your thoughts are not just in your head; your thoughts are your body. 



White Kiwi

A rare white kiwi chick hatched at a New Zealand wildlife reserve will have a protected early life — unlike wild kiwis that face nonnative predators that are slowly wiping them out, an official said Thursday. The chick, named Manukura or "Chiefly One" by local Maori, was born at Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center on May 1, weighing about 8.8 ounces (250 grams), Department of Conservation area manager Chris Lester said. 



In Search of Soul

Once the domain of religions, the human soul has largely been ignored by contemporary society. The soul does not make a mention in medical texts and scientific journals and when you go to the doctor, you are more likely to take home a prescription for sleeping tablets or ante-depressants rather than discuss the possibility that what you are suffering from is a loss of soul. And it is this neglect or loss of soul that has led to a vast increase in soul sickness. 

Posted by Carole Lyden on 3/6/2011


My journey of loss and grief

My name is Alexandra Browne-Hill and I am here to encourage being positive despite life’s challenges. I am here to share a journey of loss and grief, to share what I personally have learnt from this journey and to share a few thoughts that perhaps you might take away and mull over.

Posted by ALEXANDRA BROWNE-HILL on 23/5/2011


Your Child and their Moon Sign

The Moon sign can be a great guide towards a better understanding of our children’s emotional nature. The astrological Moon placement describes the family as a whole, and how children fit into the entire system ie. their needs, what makes them feel safe, secure and loved and which kind of environment will provide the most positive stimulation.

Posted by TINA MEWS on 3/4/2011

The Skill of Self-Love

This is the fourth in a series of articles on developing an expression of value in yourself ie. Valued Self. Aspects of the Valued Self include Self-Awareness, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Confidence and Self-Respect. In the development of the Valued Self, Self-Love stands at the centre and is the critical platform that must be developed for the higher aspects of the Valued Self to be strong and solid. Self-Love is also critical for the development of other emotional competencies such as intimacy and the sense of belonging in life.

Posted by Anne Mattheson on 3/4/2011

The Life Of An Unborn Child

Where is it that we first experience emotions of love, anxiety, sadness, rejection, and joy? As Verny (2002) says, in the first school we ever attend – our mother’s womb. Of course we bring our own strengths, preferences and intelligence from our genetic endowment, or as some may say, within our soul from our past lives. However, the teacher’s personality, as Very explains, exerts a powerful influence on the life of the student; the unborn child.

Posted by Tamika Hilder on 3/4/2011


In Australia, one in eleven women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of seventy- five. In 2006, a total of 12,614 Australian women and 102 Australian men were diagnosed with breast cancer and there were 2,643 deaths. In New Zealand, more than 2500 women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year, and one in nine women will experience Breast Cancer by the age of sixty-five. Breast Cancer is the most prevalent cancer for women, and though rare, it is also beginning to show up in men.

Posted by Shari Rhodes on 3/4/2011


What happens when the balance between ‘caring for others’ and ‘caring for oneself’ is not properly managed? Miyuki Yamamoto explores this issue in relation to nurses, and uncovers some fundamental principles for us all.

Posted by Miyuki Yamamoto on 3/4/2011


Low back pain is a common disorder affecting almost everyone at some stage in their lives. Sometimes it is mild and goes away by itself, but more often than not it persists and becomes a chronic problem or it keeps coming back. It is not only a problem for older adults; nearly 40 per cent of people get their first attack of back pain before the age of 30.

Posted by Dr Chris Chin on 4/4/2011


Between heaven and earth
is a space like a bellows,
empty and inexhaustible,
forever producing more

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, translated by Sam Hamill, Shambhala Publications Inc., Boston, Mass., USA, 20005, Ch. 5.

These ancient words are a good metaphor for the traditional exercise art of Qigong. The meditative movements of Qigong allow the body to expand, open and breathe, just like a bellows, energetically connecting the body to heaven, earth and the infinite space of nature.

Posted by Shirsha Marie and Tom Jagtenberg on 10/5/2011


The word Kriya signifies that we live our life as directed from within our soul. That is, our soul is directing our thoughts, feelings and actions. Kriya Yoga brings about the simultaneous development of body, mind, intellect and soul. Kriya is the essence and synthesis of all yogic techniques taught in the world. However, the meticulous austerities and painful processes associated with many traditional yoga are totally absent in Kriya Yoga practice.

Posted by Teya Skae M.A.B.A on 14/5/2011


Echinacea is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the western world and was the top-selling herb in the United States in 2002. Market statistics for 2000 indicate that $58.4 million was spent on Echinacea products in the United States at “mass market” outlets.

Posted by Stephen Eddey on 14/5/2011


In November 2004 I attended the first international conference in New York, USA, of the Society of Integrative Oncology (SIO) and noticed with delight that complementary and alternative therapy had become CAM- complementary and alternative medicine.

Posted by Massage in hospitals on 14/5/2011


In Australia today styles of Hawaiian massage available include Kahuna Bodywork, Kahuna massage and Lomi Lomi. However, it is only the Kahuna Bodywork that incorporates the Kahuna Principles. Developed by (Kahu) Abraham Kawai’i following extensive travel and study of other cultures, these Kahuna Exercises can only be truly understood via the physical experience. All bodywork where there is Ka’alele au (flying or hula dance movements) around the massage table is Kahuna Bodywork.

Posted by Ki'a'i Weber on 14/5/2011


For many women living in our Western, youth idealizing society, menopause carries the dread of growing old and loss of respect as the perceived ideal of superficial perfection becomes harder to achieve and moves closer to the stereotypical, doddery old lady. Loss of strength often accompanied by osteoporosis only builds on the fear many women have of growing older.

Posted by Wendy Rosenfeldt on 14/5/2011


Back in the 1970s I really believed that marijuana was harmless. Even after I smoked my last joint (nearly 20 years later) I continued to believe it, and statistics appeared to support my case. No deaths had ever been recorded from overdosing on marijuana. In fact, one researcher estimated that it would take 800 joints to kill you, but your death would be a result of carbon monoxide rather than cannabinoid poisoning..

Posted by Jost Sauer on 14/5/2011


The “Zen Patch” represents a place in our mind to go to meditate. For each of us this will be different- perhaps you move to a garden, the ocean, the mountains or rainforest. But whatever image you create in your mind, make the image vivid, strong and powerful. Each time you close your eyes to meditate that special place will quickly appear. As the image unfolds your breath will start to slow and deepen and the veil of daily life will lift and you will begin to submerge yourself into a peace and stillness like never before experienced.

Posted by Jill Tolhurst on 14/5/2011


For many people, their arrival at holistic medicine is generally precipitated by a few key factors: chronic conditions that conventional medicine has been unable to relieve (ie desperate and nowhere else to turn), chronic conditions where the side effects of allopathic drugs are causing ancillary diseases (ie over usage of some painkillers causes gastric ulcers), or the therapeutic benefits of a consultation that considers the emotional disposition of the client being as important as the physical manifestation of symptoms.

Posted by Ali Noble on 14/5/2011


Read on for the last in our special  four-part series on Relationships, addressing the averagely happy person---either single, or in a couple---seeking to improve their relationship, intimacy, and communication.  However outside the narrow band of mainstream people having an ordinary and a fulfilling life, lies a range of people trapped by delays in social change, ethnicity, and conflicting beliefs.

Posted by Susan Wanmer on 14/5/2011


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