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Vol 1 Issue 82,MAR/MAY 2023


If there is one thing that has become clear post-covid, it’s how important lifestyle is. In a research article we publish in this issue from Finland, abdominal obesity and insulin-resistance decreased in one year following lifestyle intervention. So for those concerned about the continuing rise of Type 2 Diabetes (aren’t we all concerned about this?) this is v. good news. Because in another article we publish this issue; in the last two decades alone, the cost of direct healthcare has gone up 289%, hospital costs are up 308%, medicines are up 282%, and hospitalisations have increased by 149% since 2004. Diabetes Australia in fact warns that the number of people living with diabetes could climb to more than 3.1 million by 2050. Food is another issue we bring up in this issue, with some stats on food insecurity in Australia and also raising awareness about ultra-processed foods. On the social side, we publish two approaches to homelessness; more on the benefits of mindfulness meditation from Dr Eric Garland, the most prolific author on this topic in the world; plus find out about how aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of metastatic cancer by a whopping 72%! Our featured pieces in this magazine include an article on integrative medicine and why you would go to see a holistic practitioner by Sarah Gray, and what is happening with mental health in our workplaces by Dr Rob McCartney. Wellness travel and regenerative tourism are both growing areas, so you can read about what is going on in these sectors. And did you know there are different types of rest that all rejuvenate your energy in different ways? Read this and more in our latest issue out just in time for the Autumn leaves.

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