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VOL 3 ISSUE 80, SEP/NOV 2022


Here’s some trivia for you: Worldwide, there will be 4.88 billion internet users in 2026, which is a total of 59.4% of the general population. How do you feel about that? Does it make you want to tune in or tune out? Well there is certainly no doubt that technology is here to stay, but just how much you choose to engage is still (at time of writing), your choice. In this magazine, aside from articles on the future of wearable health tech. and a wireless neuro-stimulator purported to revolutionise patient care, you won’t find much on technology and health. Some of the articles you will find however, include an article on how to increase your emotional intelligence with a simple daily practice; what to be aware of when you are taking multiple drugs; how we can talk with kids about what is going on in the world; and what’s going on in our workplaces. What can we do about the deteriorating social self in younger deteriorations, and what we can do if we don’t feel good enough definitely warrant a read . Our feature in this issue is on Medical Cannabis, find out the latest on this, and the current process for obtaining it legally in Australia. We have a couple of profiles on two beautiful women – one who talks about menopause and an online program she has set up, and the other has a skincare range that includes products for people with skin disorders. Our usual yummy recipes for you, and just fabulous books we recommend in our review section, along with some new products reviews – all to help you on your journey of continuing self-care and wellness.

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