The mind-body connection is undeniable, but can healing your heart and your emotional wounds reduce your risk of breast cancer?

The average human heart beats 72 times per minute, transporting blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients through miles of arteries and veins. Western Medicine is acutely aware of the importance of this ‘physical pump’ and its role in sustaining life. But is there a connection between the heart and breast cancer?

To truly understand the importance of the heart, you must go beyond the perception that the heart is merely a muscle. It is also a source of powerful electromagnetic fields that influence the body and the brain. In fact, some scientists are discovering that the heart rules the brain, not the other way around.

How the Heart Affects the Brain and Body

The Institute of Heart Math (IHM) is a globally-recognised centre for heart research both on the physical and energetic/emotional levels. Their decades of research have concluded that the heart is actually the centre of all human decision-making abilities and mental/emotional perceptions. They also found that this powerful organ emits electromagnetic frequencies that are much stronger than brain wave frequencies and that it actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to it.

Here are some other little-known facts about the heart that researchers at IHM and others have discovered over the years:

  1. The heart can sense and process information apart from the brain;
  2. The heart can learn and remember;
  3. The heart is a hormone gland that secretes substances such as Oxytocin (the ‘bonding and love’ hormone)
  4. The heart is a key component of the emotional system which plays a big role in regulating stress throughout the body.

This last discovery is especially important if you are committed to balancing your energy and healing your emotional wounds in order to prevent breast cancer. It is an increasingly common notion that most illness is due to stress.

If you have a stressed mind and heart, you will have a stressed body that is more vulnerable to toxic overload, DNA damage and the replication of unhealthy cells that create breast cancer.

What is Your Cancer Profile?

According to Dr. Douglas Brodie MD who has treated thousands of cancer patients, there is an emotional pattern that he calls the Cancer Personality Profile. The traits of the cancer personality include:

1. Being highly conscientious, caring, dutiful, responsible, hard-working, and usually of above-average intelligence

2. Exhibiting a strong tendency toward carrying other people’s burdens and taking on extra obligations

3. Having a deep-seated need to make others happy i.e. being a ‘people pleaser’

4. Displaying a lack in closeness with one or both parents (which sometimes results in lack of closeness with a spouse and other intimates later in life)

5. Harbouring long-suppressed emotional toxicity i.e. holding on to feelings of anger, resentment and/or hostility

6. An inability to resolve deep-seated emotional problems and conflicts, usually beginning in childhood, often being unaware that they even exist

7. Becoming unable to cope adequately with stress in general. Interestingly, Dr. Brodie says that the cancer patient who fits this profile usually experiences an emotionally-damaging or traumatic event approximately two years before the onset of detectable cancer.

Heal Your Heart with EFT and Yoga

If you can relate to one or more of the above profile traits, then it is time to take a good look at how your emotions are affecting your overall heart health. But how does one truly heal the heart when deep-seated wounds are at play? Working with the body’s energy system is one powerful way.

A very simple technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a method of clearing fears and the stress. According to Dr. David Feinstein;

“by tapping energy points on the surface of the skin while focusing the mind on specific psychological problems or goals, the brain’s electrochemistry can be shifted to quickly help overcome fears, guilt, shame, anger and anxiety.”

Yoga is another way to heal your heart by working with your body’s overall energetic system. Yoga literally means to unite or yoke. When you do yoga, you are uniting the elements of yourself by focusing on your breath and body as well as any emotions that may arise. A recent study proves that yoga has profound benefits to those who are suffering from cardiovascular disease.

If an energetic practice like yoga can help those who suffer from a disease that directly affects the heart, then why not breast cancer? Whatever method you chose to heal your heart, when you do, the results will undoubtedly be less stress in your life and a stronger immune system. What’s more, focusing on a happy heart may also even lead to the prevention and healing of major diseases like breast cancer.