Antonio Mora

Pursuer of dreams, phantasies creator
Elche Spain, 1957

I am a dream tracker, I like to bare the human soul, show the secrets that dreams hide from us. Reveal the emotions inscribed in our collective memory already almost erased, like words written in the sand after a wave passes.
But they persist, they are indelibly tattooed on our inner consciousness and that is why we can glimpse them in an ephemeral deja vu when they are spurred on by beauty, by intensity, by magic.
I am inspired by everything; the waves breaking, an old wall with peeling plaster, painted a thousand times. The passage of time and the beauty of its patina, animals, urban landscapes and nature in all its splendor, algae, jellyfish. Birds and snakes and Renaissance art. The sea, the waves, its creatures, its underwater gardens, jellyfish and octopi. The flowers and the earth, the little things, the details.
Everything is there, and if you know how to search there are fishing grounds on the net where to cast the net.
When I am in nature I am happy. In 30 minutes I can reach Tabarca from my studio in Elche, a small islet off the Mediterranean coast of Spain, a marine reserve.
I can swim among the fish, and dive through a dark cave with algae gardens.
I am a spiritual person, although also very worldly. I like life, let’s say my work is mixed but there is respect between both parties.
I like life, eating, drinking, feeling everything you can give me with thanks and humility. I am the recipient of a liver transplant. I have been given a new life, which I have to deserve daily. Spirituality is acquired through impregnation, learning to disconnect the programming to which the life we live subjects us, and to open the spirit to the perception of beauty, intensity and passion.
I like to think like primitive men that all things have souls – the rivers, the sea, the forests, the sun … In the end, all primitive mythologies are animistic since they arise from human inability to understand the world around us. But Greek mythology also gives it a poetic meaning by embodying the forces of nature to understand its soul.
My work seeks to hybridize faces with things around us. It tries to free itself from knowledge and bare the soul in order to remember the intimate matter of which we women and men are made.
I like to imagine Circe, the Titanida daughter of Chronos before becoming a witch, Scylla playing, young Charybdis.
The intrahistory of the characters that populate Greek mythology inspires me.
I love to portray them in my works to give them poetic meaning, grandeur and mystery.

*Antonio Mora is the artist of the cover images on The Art of Healing magazine on Issues 72, 74, and 76-84 inclusive.