In every case I’ve ever seen where unhealthy people with disease riddled bodies later became vibrantly healthy, they all had to do three things:

  1. They had to completely get off of all drugs, including marijuana, caffeine, alcohol, any and all prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medications.
  2. They had to fix their gut.
  3. They had to totally change their diet, eliminating processed foods and eating lots of produce for the rest of their lives.
    Eliminate drugs

You cannot be healthy while you put toxins into your body. It just doesn’t work. This includes vaccines.
Injecting, inhaling, or ingesting chemicals and toxins into the body does not bring about health.

Every time you damage your body’s DNA, you age. Chemicals made in laboratories damage the body’s DNA. To a point, you can detoxify and undo most of the damage done by these substances. You can even reverse damage done to DNA. But at some level, every time you damage your body with chemicals, there is some permanency.

Don’t smoke anything. Smoking introduces too many carcinogens. Smoking always adds toxins to the blood, making the blood thick and putting stress on the liver, kidneys, thyroid, adrenals, eyes, and reproductive organs.

Stimulants cause a reaction similar to an allergic reaction. This puts unneeded stress on the thyroid, the adrenals, and kidneys.

Alcohol acidifies the body, stresses the liver, and promotes Candida growth.

I’m not telling everyone that they should get off of all drugs. I am saying that you cannot ever truly be healthy while regularly using drugs.

Fix your gut

Every single person I’ve known who was sick had too much Candida overtaking their sick gut and wrecking havoc on their whole body. Gut health is the source of most and often all of the health issues people suffer from today.

Most people can repair their gut with proper diet and time, but a good detoxification protocol and supplements can speed up the process and are required for some people with severely damaged intestines. Also look for a strong probiotic and a parasite killer.

Eat and drink right

If your gut is in poor health, you have to give up wheat to get well. Anyone with Candida overgrowth cannot properly digest wheat. Wheat and soy are almost always produced in ways that cause health problems when they are consumed. Soy and corn in packaged products are almost always GMO. Genetically Modified Organisms destroy gut health.

You also have to give up refined sugars and processed, packaged foods. Replace them with salads, lots of produce, and homecooked whole foods. Eat raw organic crushed garlic, turmeric, and black pepper with your food.

Eat lots of vegetables

Eat a wide variety of raw organic vegetables. Here are some of the benefits of raw organic vegetables:

• More enzymes
• Feeds and promotes a healthy digestive ecosystem
• Better digestion and assimilation of all nutrition
• Strong, clean, light, and vibrant blood
• Strong, very efficient immune system

Many of these benefits also come with eating fruit, but for anyone who is sick, fruit should be limited as the sugars do feed infection including Candida, bacteria, parasites, and yeast. Certain fruits are great for certain health issues, and fruit should not at all be avoided. They just need to be limited until the gut flora is working for you and not against you.

Cooked foods have some benefits as well, but the importance of enzymes is often overlooked. So eat raw every day.

Drink clean, chemical free water.


Some people need supplements and a very strict diet to get health results, but a fair majority can heal the body and be entirely ailment free with proper dietary habits and giving up toxic junk.