As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without

We have arrived once again at an important evolutionary gateway and with no surprise – the Full Moon on 5th January came with powerful emotional changes. The message is very clear – a big shift is on its way! This Full Moon offered incredible insight and will provide very significant lessons on how we should go about integrating our personal awareness into our collective awareness. An innovative and exciting chapter is on the horizon. Do you feel it?

Key Planetary Alignments

The shift in awareness will be primarily focused on these key planetary alignments. As the Full Moon lands at 14 degrees Cancer it will naturally create a crisis in action, square to the South Node of the Moon (pre-existing beliefs) and Uranus (liberation). Adding another layer to this is its opposition to Pluto (evolution) which is also conjunction the Sun (creative direction). The Moon then also squares the North Node in Libra (balance), and this then completes the sequence and forms a Grand Cross in the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn).

Here is a quick description of what cardinal energy means. In nature you can see 3 main vibrational patterns that reflect to us how the cycle of life unfolds. Cardinal vibration, fixed vibration and mutable vibration. I love to use this story to illustrate the simplicity of these energies…

The growth of a plant/tree has 3 main steps. The seed of the plant begins its life beneath the ground. The first action and processes in a plant’s life is the emergence of the seed breaking through the soul/ground. This energy is very direct and focused and has a lot of power behind it, in order to break through the soil. The seed breaking through the soil symbolizes a new direction or growth. The cardinal vibrations of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn all reflect this action and behavior. Once the seed has broken through it then shoots up straight and takes on a very fixed and stabilizing approach. The trunk of a tree or stem reflects stability and consistency. The fixed vibration of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius reflect this action. Lastly, we see the branches of the tree start to form. As multiple directions and diversity emerge, we see an expansion and exploration of the surrounding space. The mutable vibration of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo reflect this action.

What this story illustrates is that, with the Full Moon in Cancer (cardinal) and the aspects it is making to other planets in other
Cardinal signs, a new evolutionary cycle is emerging and we are breaking through new ground. The Full Moon will bring with it feelings of anxiety and deep feelings of vulnerability and this will be due to the need to break free from the known. This shift will bring with it very deep psychological transmutation and the opportunity to release deep karmic ties to, and associations with, who you are — ties which no longer serve the best interests of your heart right now.

Mars and Venus in Aquarius

The voyage of these two inner planets through the constellation Aquarius are triggering the Cardinal Grand Cross that I have written about above. Because they have direct rulership of the South Node (Aries/Mars) and North Node (Libra/Venus) their association to our karmic story is very valid. These two are offering the lessons of stepping back and detaching from the immediate environment and objectifying the reality around us.

It is also promoting the idea of really connecting inwardly to your origin – the place that is the source of creation from within. Each of us needs to accept our individuality no matter how strange it might appear to others. Our personal uniqueness is what leads us to find our special destiny and helps us find our place in the world. A big part of that journey requires us to find the right support and groups that share our ideas and intentions. So with these two personal planets moving through Aquarius, be sure to ask yourself the very important questions:

How am I supported along my journey and how am I supporting others along theirs?

Saturn square Neptune

Another interesting alignment that is taking place is the crisis in consciousness square between Saturn (Sagittarius) and Neptune (Pisces). This is a fairly new vibrational pattern and really will begin to bring much needed healing after Saturn’s recent two year cycle through Scorpio. This will begin to feel like the nature of reality is dissolving and that there is a sense of openness and new direction, but at the same time that very direction or route feels liKe it can only be understood and navigated intuitively. It does not quite have clarity but it can be sensed.

This vibration can also cause feelings of being overwhelmed and also that time is slipping by. Go with the flow and be present in all moments. I promise, there is incredible insight waiting to be felt and integrated.

Full Moon Message

Nobody said our journey back home would be an easy one. The journey of the soul as it returns back to its origins, back to the space that embraces total unconditional love, the place that allows for the dissolving all definitions and offers love, compassion and acceptance is so we can live from a space of total acceptance and inner peace.
The path of the awakened soul can be a daunting task at first, with moments of clarity followed by utter confusion and lack of personal direction.

Much of our journey so far has been figuring out what our soul’s purpose is. As I mentioned, this next shift is the acceptance of being awake and what it means to walk the Earth being the change: the moment where you embrace your individuality and uniqueness as your own. The awakened soul has realised its higher dimensional consciousness and now it is time to start integrating that awareness and journey in grounded and practical ways, in order for the change from within to be seen without.

The personal judgements and persecutions and the harshness of the outer world has taught us to feel afraid and to close off; to not be open about our beliefs and ideas regarding the actual nature of our personal inner reality.

This Full Moon sends us a message of encouragement, to not allow our own ideas, beliefs and dreams to be shunted off as unimportant or too radical to manifest. The next step is learning to remain open to the world and to feel secure in those moments of vulnerability.

The outdated structures of our society perpetuated fear – a fear that has been internalised by many of us. Know that your voice needs to be heard and know that even when you share your truth and nobody seems to accept it, it is still something the world needs. Be present and soft with others who are reacting from fear and confusion. Their own illusions of security are being threatened by anything that is new. This cycle is natural – nobody wants to feel insecure and open when we have been shown so much pain, rejection and sorrow in the world.

Our role is to be an example, to encourage others by being the change in the world, by living a life that is centered in the heart. It is no longer enough to just be open within a closed group where heart-centered living is supported but to step out in the open where the real change and healing needs to happen.

The Capricorn and Cancer vibrations in the natural zodiac in its purest essence reflect nurturing (Cancer) and protection (Capricorn). The role of the mother and father provide these roles in our early human lives. They provide the platform of safety and security which, once we get older and begin our own journey as adults, become the examples we use to find ourselves.
This is the journey of Cancer/Capricorn — to find that father/mother archetype in our lives.

In the past, our own authority and nurturing has been placed in outsiders, in the form of governments and priests and other external sources that offer guidance. Most of us, without even thinking about it, seek guidance or direction from sources that are essentially outside of ourselves. But the ultimate truth is that the soul – our spirit – comes fully equipped with all it needs to know about its journey on earth. Being awake and aware to what we sense and intuitively feel at all times becomes our navigation system for being at the right place at the right time for the exact synchronicity to happen which brings the insights or awareness or answers we seek.

So again, the repeating theme for this current Full Moon is to TRUST your intuition, to feel secure in knowing your place in your body, and even when the situation stirs the need to emotionally close off and protect yourself, remind yourself of the heart-centered compassion and understanding needed for humanity to break through these old barriers that keep us from seeing our true universal identity.

Humanity all comes from the same source. Unity is the key.

The past 9 months have been intense. We have been soul-searching, questioning, letting go, healing, accepting, removing definitions and connecting to our soul´s purpose. This next shift is about HOW to manifest all of that into the world; how we are to integrate our new inner selves into a world that still may look more or less the same on the outside. The answer to this is to allow our inner self to step out of its protective shell; to stop hiding behind the safety of false truths and sharing our true reality only with ourselves and those we feel safe around.

If we are to see the change in the world around us, we must BE it for all to see.

It is time to birth our new identity into the world!