Recipes for raw dairy, fish and meat exist in almost every country. Their power to heal are well known in endemic cultures. Weston Price discovered that isolated groups thrived for centuries eating their local nutrient dense diets, included raw foods. Pottenger proved conclusively the power of raw food diets to ensure the health of generations of cats. Holistic practitioners today recognise the healing ability of raw foods.

Raw foods found in every culture

Recipes abound in every culture for raw meat, fish, and dairy dishes. Kibbeh, steak tartare, carpaccio and laab isaan are ethnic raw meat dishes. International raw fish meals include ceviche and pickled herring. Yoghurt, kefir, koumiss, longfil, dahi, creme fraiche and piima are fermented or soured raw dairy recipes claimed by several countries.

Pottenger’s famous cat studies

Physician Frances Pottenger conducted research on 900 cats, comparing a raw food diet to cooked foods. The cats fed raw milk and meat exhibited perfect health with good bone structure, wide palates with plenty of space for teeth, gentle dispositions, shiny fur, reproductive ease, and the absence of parasites and disease.

In contrast, the cats fed a diet of cooked meat and milk became increasingly ill with each generation until they died before they were able to reproduce. Their symptoms and illnesses mirrored that of humans, including infestation with parasites, weak bones, personality changes, hypothyroidism, allergies and skin diseases.

Weston Price’s remarkable research

Pottenger’s contemporary dentist Weston Price, conducted a world-wide study of human cultures and found those eating nutrient dense unprocessed foods exhibited exemplary health, far superior to Americans at that time. Each culture ate some raw, uncooked foods including dairy, meat and/or fish. Price had hoped to find a group thriving on an exclusive vegetarian diet, but did not find one.

Power to heal

Several holistic healing protocols recognise the power of raw foods. Aajonus’s raw primal food diet has been credited with healing thousands of individuals from countless diseases. Gerson’s raw protocol is known for healing cancer and other degenerative diseases. Dr. Russell Blaylock recognises the power of blending raw vegetables to enhance health.

Raw foods keep enzymes and nutrients intact. While cooking certain foods such as spinach and grains can neutralise anti-nutrients and improve their nutrient availability, many foods are best eaten in their raw state.

Fallon reports in Nourishing Traditions “Many people have reported the disappearance of numerous symptoms and increased vitality within days of adding raw meat, fish or milk to the diet. Observers of Eskimos report that when these people suffer from heart disease, diabetes and other problems associated with their adopted Western diet, they invariably experience a complete cure when they returned to their native diet containing large amounts of raw meat and fish.”

Adding raw foods

Vegetable juicing or blending is an easy way to add raw foods to diet. Drinking raw, real milk, if one can access this wonderful health food, is another. One can add raw, pastured eggs with raw yogurt to smoothies. Soft boiled or sunny side-up eggs are delicious ways to keep eggs’ nutrients intact. High quality sushi or ceviche can be a healthy source of raw fish. Eating organic, grass fed, previously frozen raw meat and liver is considered safe by many experts. If that is too unappetising however, eating meat in an under rather than over=cooked form can maintain more of its nutrients.

Adding raw foods to one’s diet can improve health by keeping nutrients and enzymes intact. High quality raw foods have been found to help maintain both cats and humans in an exceptional state of health.