In this interview Cate talks with Dr Steven Chau, about prescribed medications, addiction, and what to look out for.  Dr Steven Chau is a senior consultant psychiatrist at The Melbourne Clinic in Australia, and is part of the Addiction Unit Team, helping patients recover through the 28-day in-hospital rehabilitation program. He is also involved with the Psychiatric Advice and Consultation Service and provides telephone support to General Practitioners to enhance their treatment of patients with mental illness. Integral to Dr Chau’s patient-focussed care style is the development of strong professional therapeutic relationships. He sincerely believes in a holistic approach to recovery from addiction supporting the biopsychosocial model of healthcare. Dr Chau is also particularly passionate about public health promotion and enhancing mental health literacy. Dr Chau completed his psychiatry training at The Austin Hospital which allowed him to acquire experience across various unique settings including treating members of the Australian Defence Force, patients with a forensic history at The Thomas Embling Hospital, as well as patients coping with cancer.