Eve Hillary BHSc. MA, ND is a health practitioner, journalist, and best-selling author. Her book, Beyond the Toxic Harvest, traces the healing journey of a chemically injured family. Its message creates awareness about environmental health, safe consumer choices, and how to achieve wellness and maintain a healthy balance in a toxic world.

In her marriage to Bill, a successful businessman and yachtsman, Eve was left living on her own on an outback cattle ranch with their two children. There she discovered the dark and dangerous side of the outback when she had to protect her children from armed intruders – but it was when she and her sons were poisoned, that their lives truly began to unravel.

To save her family, Eve had to sacrifice almost everything and undertake a complete personal transformation. Against all odds, she took on the medical and regulatory establishment and then went on to help spearhead the wellness movement. Her true story carries a powerful message about environmental health, safe consumer choices, and shows how to achieve wellness and maintain balance in a toxic world.

In 2004 Eve was a whistleblower in a case of forced medicine, at great cost to herself both personally and professionally. Eve wrote Sarah’s Last Wish as a result. This book traces the unforgettable journey of a courageous teenage girl who stood up for her right to dignity and more medical choices during her terminal illness. Since its publication in 2010 Sarah’s Last Wish has led an awakening to better health care.

Eve Hillary co-founded one of the first integrative medical clinics in her community, offering patients the best of conventional medicine and complementary medicine. Her current practice is in nutritional medicine and sports nutrition, and as a health journalist, she writes and speaks on past, current and future trends in healthcare.