Kim Healey


Kim Healey is a descendant of the Djunbun clan (northern NSW, Australia) which was her grandfather Tobi Bancroft’s country ( Fresh Water people). She lived there for a few years care taking the land, and living with solar power and tank water which was very special to her. As hard as it was at times, especially during Winter with a new born baby and limited resources, Kim made do, and bought her children up connected to their ancestor’s country, and learning to work for basic needs such as a hot bath. Her grandmother Elsie Bancroft was of the Dhungutti people who were from Nambucca Heads (northern NSW, Australia) which is a coastal area (Saltwater people). Kim is currently working on connecting with her grandmother’s siblings to share stories and have a better understanding of her heritage, so she can translate this into her artwork and children’s books so that her culture is not lost. Kim’s source of inspiration comes from abundant and inspiring surroundings, as well as connection and memories of the bush to create works that reflect her love for all things in their natural element through the mediums of photography, painting and drawing. Kim aspires to capture the elements and interpret her story as a woman, mother, sister, and aunty, living in the world today!

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