Intermittent Fasting for Women

As a teenager, Megan Ramos suffered from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and polycystic ovarian syndrome. By her mid-twenties, she had developed type 2 diabetes. But everything changed when she heard about intermittent fasting at the clinic where she was a researcher. Within six months of giving up snacks, adopting a diet high in natural fats and low in carbs, and fasting regularly for short periods, she reversed her metabolic conditions. And she began to counsel other people – especially women – about therapeutic fasting. Today, Ramos has helped over 20,000 people improve their health through intermittent fasting. As we age, she says, we produce less oestradiol and more of its evil twin, oestrone, which leads to weight gain, depression, and abnormal growths. Recognising this fact, Megan provides practical advice about when and what to eat, and how and when to fast, in ways that work with and support women first. With a foreword from Dr Jason Fung, author of The Obesity Code, this groundbreaking guide to intermittent fasting for women includes step-by-step advice for preventing and reversing metabolic disease.

This review was published in the DEC/FEB 2024 issue of The Art of Healing.