Its On Me WEB

So many of us feel lonely, unfulfilled, or trapped-in our roles and relationships, in cycles of self-sabotage and wrong decisions, by our toxic patterns and misguided attempts to feel happy, or to feel something. Many of us struggle to like the person we see in the mirror. According to Sara Kuburic, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Instead of pushing harder or running faster, the secret lies in taking full responsibility for the choices and actions that create our reality. It’s about slowing down, cutting through the clutter of demands and expectation, and finally taking ownership of this person we call our “Self.” Kuburic unpacks “self-loss,” giving us new vocabulary to understand our unarticulated experience, and offers tools she’s used for years to help her clients recover. “Self-loss becomes apparent when we feel the pain and emptiness from performing or observing life, rather than living it” she says.

This review was published in the MAR/MAY 2024  issue of The Art of Healing.