The Last Days of Joy WEB

A stunning novel about complex family dynamics, the intricacies of motherhood, marriage and infidelity, and the lingering power of trauma, which echoes down generations.

When Joy’s children receive the news that she has only days to live, they rush to her side, bringing with them all the dysfunction and hurt they have been carrying since their childhoods. Each of them is at a crossroads in their lives – but there’s one more secret about their mother they need to learn. Will they finally be able to forgive their mother and in doing so face their futures together? This is a novel about a family reeling in the wake of a devastating act. Intensely moving, and with a cast of unforgettable characters, The Last Days of Joy will make you laugh out loud even as it moves you to tears.

This review was published in the MAR/MAY 2024  issue of The Art of Healing.