Unique WEB

In Unique, disability rights advocate Jodi Rodgers shares stories from her three-decade career working with the autistic community and calls for a more inclusive and accepting society where we are more empathetic and curious about all the relationships in our lives. Jodi explores the powerful impact of embracing neurodiversity and forming meaningful connections with those around us including: how we perceive the world, and our own unique experience of thinking, sensing and feeling; how we communicate our perspective to others, understand one another and express ourselves, and how we can better connect with one another. With dozens of moving stories, Jodi’s book gives readers a deeper understanding of, and appreciation for, the neurodiverse community around them. Ultimately, it reveals that we’re all much more similar than we think we are, and that all of our differences are worth celebrating.

This review was published in the JUN/AUG 2024  issue of The Art of Healing.