Season 2: Episode 6
Medication Safety

On this week’s Go Well podcast, Cate talks with Dr Jean Spinks about medication safety. Dr Spinks is a trained health economist, pharmacist and health systems researcher, and is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Health Economics, Griffith University. Her research focuses broadly on the integration of medication and medication services in primary care. Current projects involve the development, implementation and evaluation of an Indigenous Medication Review Service, innovative pharmacist workforce models of care, and consumer preferences for medication services. She has also published in the areas of medicines pricing, complementary medicine use and the disposal of unwanted medicines. Also this week Cate shares articles on: how eating just 2 mushrooms every day may lower cancer risk; embracing the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO); some new research that reveals stress can turn your hair grey (but it can be reversed); how sleep is essential for health, and some tips on getting kids to eat more healthily. And if you listened to our interview last week with Dr Stephen Chau about opioids and addiction, we have a really special 2nd interview with Glenn Williams who has agreed to share his story about when he attended The Melbourne Clinic and actually had Dr Chau as his doctor.