MAR/MAY 2024


“Consumers are tightening the reins on their tech use: a third are removing notifications, one in five are putting on screen time limits, and a quarter are removing apps and devices altogether” – just some of the transformative trends we report on in our Autumn 2024 issue of The Art of Healing. Have you heard about Functional Medicine but are not really sure what it is and how it differs from complementary medicine or integrative medicine? Dr Chris Chappell explains all and why you should seek it out if you are interested in preventive health. We all have issues with conflict but did you ever think about learning how to argue differently and in a more healthy way? The healthy relationships tips provided in this article will have you seeing conflict as a catalyst for positive change rather than something to avoid. We interview clinical psychologist Dr Carrie Hayward, about her Being Human Collection, a series of four interconnecting books that use metaphor and story to help people navigate mental health issues, based on the Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) framework. Belinda Martinella provides us with some answers to the many questions we all have on nutrition, diet and weight loss, and we have a stunning art profile on Martina Strocchi which is a really must see/read. A bit of bad news about the alarming increase in microplastics detected in human placentas, and high concentrations of PFAS chemicals found in dolphins in Port Philip Bay and Gippsland, and the latest on AI chatbots, sensors and robots being used for health. And as always, our carefully selected best recipes from the last 3 months: Coconut Dal, Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Hoisin-Peanut Sauce, Milk Chocolate Tart with Nutmeg Pastry. Yuuum!

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