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FEATURE: It’s Playtime
– Dance your dreams awake
– Bhakti Yoga
– Kirtan Devotional Singing

●    What’s the matter with meta-analysis?
●    Should we supplement with Vitamin D
●    The Power of Believing
●    Self-Esteem – What is it exactly and what can we do about it?
●    Celestial Wellbeing
●    Recreating Aboriginal Ceremony
●    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
●    The Magic of Turning 50

HERB – Horse Chestnut – Stephen Eddey
CRYSTAL HEALING – Sugilite – Simone Matthews
PSYCHIC HEALING – Baby Boomers  – Rose Smith
ARTIST PROFILE – Annette Allman
MUSIC PROFILE – Renee Searles

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In this issue our theme is on integrative medicine and wellness, with our lead article being an interview with Professor Kerryn Phelps – ex-President of the Australian Medical Association and current President of the Australian Integrative Medicine Association. Our article on Full Spectrum Wellness is by John Travis who founded the first wellness centre in the US in 1975. Christine Houghton then introduces us to Nutrigenomics, a new paradigm in Nutritional Medicine which is followed by Gabriel Suggate’s article on residential addiction rehabilitation services inspired by the anthroposophical view of human development and biodynamic farms located in Germany, UK and the Netherlands. Then moving on to lighter articles, Anne Matheson follows through in her series on the importance of a healthy self, with her article on the skill of self love. Ted Scott’s excerpt from his book The Limits of Knowledge is a delightful parable that teaches us about how not to limit our experience of life. New to this issue are our Treatment Review and Nutritious Recipes contributed by David Hunter from The Golden Door.


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Find out the views of one of Australia’s champions of integrative medicine, Professor Kerryn Phelps, in our interview with her on this subject, evidence-based medicine, and how well medical professions are accepting changes that are occurring in healthcare generally. Also read about the Illness-Wellness Continuum as presented by pioneer John Travis, and a new paradigm in nutritional medicine, Nutrigenomics. Be surprised by our very special contribution by Martina Hughes on Being Woman, and learn about Mantra, the Power of the Word by Swami Shankarananda. All our regular articles on Aboriginal Healing, Herbs, Crystals, Psychic Healing, Astrology, plus our Artist Profile, Music Profile, DVD Profile, and Book, CD, and DVD Reviews.

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    Anne has been drawing and painting all her life, but it wasn’t until ten years ago that she had the time and space to seriously devote to her art. Telling a story is what motivates her to paint. For the past 25 years, she has listened to people’s personal and frequently painful stories about abuse, loss and betrayal. Being a clinical psychologist in solo private practice, specialising in assisting people with chronic depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, she became accustomed to helping people find a spiritual or creative way out of their despair. Not only would she try to give them a deeper understanding of their problems, she would also endeavour to help them rise above their pain and suffering to look at their pain in a more meaningful way. Her paintings naturally became an extension of her psychological practice and she found herself creating works inspired by her clients’ stories.