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    Pain and Musculoskeletal Health
    Do You Have a Healthy Posterior?
    Developing an Integrated Self
    Has Contemporary Yoga Lost Its Essence?
    Our Mission: To Find Our Mission and To Live!
    ● Working For A Better World
    ● Hormone Disrupting Chemicals in Household Products
    ● My Journey Towards Becoming A Natural TherapistREGULAR ARTICLES:ART PROFILE: ReinCarne Nation by Urszula Mos
    DREAMING HEALING: Using Dreams To Heal a Troubled Mind
    by Amy Campion
    MUSINGS ON LIFE – Cultivating Depth by Ted Scott
    NUTRITIOUS RECIPES by Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef
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Pain and Musculoskeletal Health
How well we feel is a complex interaction of many factors, especially our mood, but also includes body chemistry, nutritional balance and the absence of disease. Our sense of wellbeing is also affected greatly by the presence or absence of pain in the body. Discomfort from overall musculoskeletal disorders affects 30 percent of the Australian population. It is estimated that more than six million Australians suffer from a musculoskeletal condition – with arthritis accounting for more than three million of this total. Professor Avni Sali provides some insights.

Do You Have a Healthy Posterior?
It’s rare that we ever talk about the health of our ‘posterior’ openly or ‘shock, horror,’ in printed material. But in my practice I talk about the state of our digestive system and bowel motions all day long! Why? Because a properly functioning digestive tract is the foundation for good health. It’s essential we have healthy bowel motions daily, not once a fortnight or once a week but every day – Maria Hunt confides …

Our Mission: To Find Our Mission and Live It!
I grew up as the middle child in a somewhat eccentric household. My parents were both medical specialists. We moved between Australia and Boston three times in my 18 years at home. Our house was open to anyone that my parents met and my mother was and will always be passionate, idealistic, somewhat naïve and totally driven by her “mission.” Penny Caldicott shares her story.

Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals In Household Products
A 2012 UN report on hormone disrupting chemicals has uncovered the extent to which 800+ chemicals have infiltrated our homes and raises concerns about their link to breast, prostate, testicular and thyroid cancers, in addition to behavioural disorders in children. There is also a growing movement in the medical industry to educate doctors about these chemicals as evidenced by the recent international Congress of Andrology held in Melbourne (February 2013) which highlighted the link between these chemicals in our foods and household products and its impact on male fertility and testicular cancer. Nicole Biljisma reports.


Working For A ‘Better World. Time is Of An Essence. We Must Slow Down.
This article was edited from the keynote address given by Bayo Akomolafe at the 2013 “Building a Global Citizens Movement” Conference in Johannesburg. The aim of this event was to gather like-minded people to discuss the building of a Global Citizens Movement from the grassroots level, including civil society organisations and activists from six continents.


Miss Marple, Watching The Detective – an Extract from The Gift of Kindness, Inspiring True Stories of Rescued Farm Animals by author, founder and Director of Edgar’s Mission, Pam Ahern.

In saving Miss Marple we are doing far more than saving one cow, we are healing our souls that ache in the knowledge we too were at one time in part guilty of condemning innocent creatures like her to life and death, where nothing really mattered, only profits and taste. It is indeed a bitter pill to swallow.


Developing an Integrated Self
In the previous series, Anne Matheson looked at blocks to becoming an adult. Now in this new series, Anne introduces us to the inner family and explains why we need to develop a relationship with these aspects of self.


Has Contemporary Yoga Lost Its Essence?
The lifestyle and needs of a modern day Westerner are very different to that of an Indian spiritual seeker thousands of years ago. Whilst yoga has evolved to meet changing needs, are these contemporary adaptations benefiting or detracting from traditional yoga? Jennifer Schrader reports.


Number Symbolism
Contemplation, interpretation and the awareness of the symbolism of numbers can indicate our potential, identify how we develop our gifts and talents, show how we respond emotionally, what tendencies we have in dealing with life circumstances, and how we use our energies. Anne Morjanof explains.


My Journey Towards Becoming a Natural Therapist
Each person who takes the journey to become a natural therapist has different reasons for embarking on it. We all however, share a common desire; to channel our life experiences and the expertise we gain through our studies into helping others move through their lives with greater ease and clarity. Lyn Treloar shares her story.