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    The Chaga Mushroom (Paul Stamets)
    Food Has Lost Its Story (Sayer Ji and Tania Melkonian)
    Mind Your Mind (Avni Sali)
    ● Children Of The Earth
    ● The Power of Disenchantment (Adebayo Clement Akomalafe)
    ● Yoga and the Elderly (Jennifer Schrader)
    The Vine of the Souls (Ben Lee)
    ● Perfect? (Anne Matheson)
    ● The Boundless Remedy (Tony Caves)REGULAR ARTICLES
    – Music Profile – Mary Doumany
    – A Natural Approach to Disease – Adrenal Exhaustion (Robert Reeves)
    – Musings on Life – Power and Fear (Ted Scott)
    – Astrological Insights (Tina Mews)
    – My Story – Carmel Bell
    Nutritious Recipes
    – Websites Worth A Visit
    – Book, CDs and DVD Reviews

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The Chaga Mushroom
Chaga is one of the weirdest mushrooms you may ever see. A fungal parasite found on birch trees, Chaga is a hardened, blackened, crusty formation that looks like a bursting tumour. White this strange-looking mushroom has been called a “tree cancer” (since it will eventually kill its host tree), it has attracted interest for centuries because of its ability to fight human cancer and other diseases. Paul Stamets elaborates.

Food Has Lost Its Story
Stripped of context, meaning, and reduced to its molecular composition, ancient recipes for health and joy long to be recovered and are waiting in the wings to be rediscovered. These recipes are ancient prescriptions for health, loved and laboured into being by our ancestors. Sayer Ji and Tania Melkonian reflect on this subject.

Yoga for the Elderly
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if older people of our society all felt they had wings – that their years of life experience bestowed upon them a wisdom and grace that youth could not provide? In many cultures, particularly traditional ones, ageing is a time of wisdom and respect and elders are revered and hold an honoured place in society. In this article, Jennifer Schrader looks at what is happening with our ageing population.


Perfection is one of the most profound issues that arises during the developmental years. It is not the harmless Pollyanna belief of wanting to do your best, but rather it is a constant demand that eventually robs you of the experience of living life. This article is the next in our series of articles by Anne Matheson on what needs to be unlearned from childhood.


The Children’s Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest 2012
In this very special, once only feature, you will have the privilege of viewing six of the winning entries from The Children’s Eyes On Earth International Youth Photography Contest, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues through the eyes of young people through their photographs. Anastasya Vorobko, the winner of the contest says: “I wanted to show everyone how bad the air is  in our city … with the hope that adults everywhere will start to care about the air that we breathe. If we don’t look after our planet, then who will?” Anastasya is 8 years old and from Russia.


The Vine of the Souls
The word “Ayahuasca” is one that you might be hearing more often these days. It is a traditional healing medicine that has slowly but surely been infiltrating the mainstream, ever since its discovery by Westerners in the 1950s. Ben Lee shares his knowledge and experience of this intriguing psychedelic potion.

Mind Your Mind
For many people, stress is accepted as a typical experience of modern day living. Depression, which effects one in five people in a lifetime, is now considered a common illness and can occur in any person irrespective of gender, age, socioeconomic status or any other lifestyle variable. However, through advances in integrative medicine and comprehensive research into mind-body medicine, we now know that what we think effects how we feel, and what we feel effects how we think. Avni Sali explains.

The Power of Disenchantment
Adebayo Clement Akomolafe (Bayo) is from Nigeria and in this article (published with kind permissionfrom the presentation he gave at The Economics of Happiness Conference 2013),  Bayo speaks of disenchantment being our greatest allies. This is riveting reading …”Most of the time, we are taught through our cultural conditioning that we must treat these feelings as militant viruses that must be spotted quickly and disarmed … we are offered easy ways we can deal with these feelings through pills, the adoption of labels, by feeding off the glamour of celebrity culture, and most of all, via the spectacle of hope.”


The Boundless Remedy

There are many ways to view and experience ourselves and the place in which we find ourselves. The dualistic consensus reality of our social group is not always helpful. Below are some observations that have helped me and many others (often those designated as ‘mentally ill’), move toward an expanded awareness and balance – from pain and suffering to complete wellness in other words, to true health. Tony Caves explains.

Plus Regular Articles which include:

MUSINGS ON LIFE – Power and Fear by Ted Scott
MY STORY – Carmel Bell
by Robert Reeves
MUSIC PROFILE – Harpist, Mary Doumany