Home Magazine Digital Magazines Vol 2 Issue 83,JUN/AUG 2023

Vol 2 Issue 83,JUN/AUG 2023


Mental health and environmental issues take precedence in this issue, as we publish more articles on what we need do to heal, personally, for our healthcare systems and for the planet, and how to live using a preventative approach. So if you haven’t already heard of Ben Bravery, author of The Patient Doctor, you can read some of his story after receiving a diagnosis of stage 3 colorectal cancer, becoming a doctor, and some of the suggestions he is now making to improve experiences and outcomes within the Australian healthcare system. Our featured articles include what is a naturopath and why you would go to see one by Gabbie Watt, who says a common misconception is that people think they need to choose between conventional and alternative therapies. Allyson Brown shares her personal story of being diagnosed with MS at age 23, and Sahara Rose Ketabi shares some of her Ayurvedic knowledge along with some awesome recipes including Raw Rose & Pistachio Cheesecake! Our book extract from Sundressed by Lucianne Tonti is extra special too and provides some excellent reading about the development and environmentally-friendly opportunities for ethical fashion associated with the use of silk in clothing. If you’re into reading about what and who are making a difference in the world, and strategies for how you can create and maintain health and wellness, don’t miss this issue!