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Vol 3 Issue 76, SEP/NOV 2021


The benefits of sound to combat feelings of loneliness, the rise of ‘wellness music’ for mental health, and art therapy being used to empower people, articles that all emphasise the importance of the creative arts for health, and featured in our new Spring magazine. Also, the difference between resilience and growth and how we can chart a new course following the pandemic, and more people reporting a change in personality post-covid. Nine signs to look out for that are your body’s way of telling you it is stressed, and how a podcast about mental health (put together by the students) is helping school children flourish. Embracing the Joy of Missing Out (rather than the Fear of missing out), how paradigms shift, and four ways self-compassion can help you fight for social justice. An extract from How We Became Human by Tim Dean discusses moral perception and how we can remake morality, and find out how habits can hurt your health. Much more, including lots of stunning art and imagery. Don’t miss this one!

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