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– Cover Story (Waris Dirie)
– Cancer Stats, Cancer Screening, Cancer Chemo (Jane Goldberg)
– The Light of Health, The Shadow of Illness (Dr Larry Dossey)
– The Maturing Yoga Industry (Brook McCarthy)
– The Symbol of Transformation (Tony Caves)
– The Difference Between Shame and Remorse (Anne Matheson)

– Treatment Review – Fascial Kinetics
– Music Profile – Shane Howard
– A Natural Approach to Disease – Skin Conditions (Robert Reeves)
– Crystal Healing – Star Hollandite Quartz (Simone Matthews)
– Musings on Life – How We Might Be Misled By Holy Literature (Ted Scott)
– Astrological Insight (Tina Mews)
– My Story – Rich Latimer
– Nutritious Recipes
– Websites Worth A Visit
– Book. CDs and DVD Reviews


Peeling Back the Layers – the Benefits of Counselling
– Extract from The Longest Journey by Amanda Stuart

9.5 Kilometres of Freedom and Clarity
– Extract from The Better Life by Craig Hamilton

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Cover Story – Interview with Clare Bowditch
Clare Bowditch (born 1975) is an Australian musician, writer, creativity coach, social commentator and occasional actor who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Clare has been Rolling Stone’s Woman of the Year, the ARIA’s Best Female Artist, and was the support act for Leonard Cohen’s 2011 tour or Australia. Clare’s latest album is called The Winter I Chose Happiness, and in this interview we ask her to talk a little more about her perception of happiness.

Optimal Health takes a turn for the ‘wild’ side
The organic/’chemical-free’ agriculture movement has made incredible strides over the past three decades, moving from local farmers markets into the produce aisle of major grocery store chains. As the marketplace has adapted to the influx of organic goods and provided them with a platform for publicity, the amount of research and published articles surrounding the ‘attributes of organic living’ has grown exponentially. However, Tim McClew asks, what lies beyond this now mainstream definition of “organic” sustenance?

How Yoga Can Be Used To Treat Anxiety
Many healthcare practitioners are recommending the use of yoga to treat anxiety, but what does the research say about its efficacy and the yoga practices that work best? Jennifer Schrader reports.


I Deserve, You Deserve, We All Deserve
Do you believe you ‘deserve’ in life? This is not about deserving ‘something’ but a sense that you as a person, as a human being, deserve because you are. This question calls upon your sense of personal value, your worth to know the answer. Is your answer centred in you the adult who has character and is able to exercise choice and fulfill your desires in life? Or is it, like most people, answered from the child or the adolescent with a chronic sense of a lack of deserving. Anne Matheson explains.

Pain and the Brain, Part One
We have nearly all experienced pain at some time. Pain can be nasty, and cause us to suffer. But what is this thing called pain? We generally attribute pain to the body. Something in the body is hurting, so we feel pain. When you have back pain, the cause is due to something in the spine. When you have stomach pain, the cause is due to a problem in your abdomen. When you have a headache, the cause is related to something within your head. But what about people with fibromyalgia, where the pain appears to be everywhere – does this mean something is wrong everywhere? In this first article in a two part series, James Bone elaborates.

Mind-full-ness or Mind-empty-ness
There is a well-known story about the comparison between an overfull teacup and the mind … a well known professor visits the said mystic who offers him a cup of tea. During the preparations the professor does not stop talking, expounding his ideas and theories. As the mystic pours the tea he does not stop as it reaches the top of the cup and it starts overflowing onto the table. The professor, unable to contain himself says; “Stop pouring, the cup is full!” The mystic replies; “Just like this cup your mind is also overflowing with your own ideas and theories. In order to learn anything you must first empty your mind.” Tony Caves elaborates.

Where Do You Find The Willpower To Give Up Smoking?
Hypnotherapy May Be One Answer
I am speaking from my own experience here. I smoked from the age of 15 years when I first started work. The girl teaching me the job offered me a smoke, and I took it. I enjoyed both the smoke and how grown up it made me feel. Then I wanted to purchase my own cigarettes so that I could return the favour Bruni Brewin shares her story and how she uses hypnotherapy to help others.

Clearing and Honouring Land Energies – New Zealand leads the way
Eerie co-incidences, strange resonances, repeating events on a piece of land … why do such things happen? Take the notorious 1km strip of New Zealand roadway in the North Island of New Zealand between Mercer and Rangiriri, a piece of State Highway that has seen well over 30 deaths in the last 10 years. In 1988, a Romanian couple were travelling the road on a pilgrimage to bless the site where their 27 year old daughter, son-in-law, two children and teenage friend were killed in a road crash four years earlier, when they too died in a horrific collision. With the Romanian-born couple was a priest from the Romanian Orthodox Church in Auckland and his young stepson. The car the group was travelling in collided with a freight truck: exactly the same circumstances that killed their daughter and her family four years before. Why do such tragedies occur? Is it simply the result of a particularly bad stretch of road or something more? Kimberley Paterson investigates.

A Practitioiner’s Journey from Poverty-Consciousness to Abundance
It was about 8 o’clock on Friday night, and as I sank into my car completely exhausted again I was thinking, “What on earth am I doing?” I’d just seen my hundred and twentieth client for the week and I had no energy left whatsoever, barely enough to even drive home. Andrew Powell explains how he turned his life around.


Don’t Let Your Face Plant Grow Root!
an extract from Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

Plus Regular Articles which include:

CRYSTAL HEALING – Angel Aura Danburite by Simone Mathews
MUSINGS ON LIFE – Perception and Intent by Ted Scott
MY STORY – Lucie D’Allessandro
by Robert Reeves