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Vol 4 Issue 77, DEC/FEB 2022

Telehealth came to the fore during covid and showed the medical and mental health professions, along with people living with chronic pain, just how helpful it could be. Read about this in our latest issue for Summer, along with what your sleeping position says about you, how to be a better ancestor for future generations, ideas to help your child eat if they are fussy, and how to strengthen your gut using an Ayurvedic approach. So much more in this issue, including some life-changing conversations and how to overcome our ‘negativity bias.’ Oh, and find out the difference between sympathy and empathy, what is Plan B, and what is medicine for our times? Some beautiful imagery from Muslim artists, and fabulous recipes from Spanish chef Miguel Maestre. Perfect for a Christmas gift or your coffee table, and great Summertime leisure-reading – that will also improve your knowledge!


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