DEC/FEB 2024


With the world out there getting more and more challenging, and the requirements for our very existence changing every day, there is no better time for us to turn our focus inward and to learn how to manage our calm. Our article contributed by Sandra Surace really addresses this, with her thoughts on being your own best friend, dropping judgement for kindness, and knowing that ‘you’re only human.’ In every issue of The Art of Healing we publish articles under the 3 silos of Healing, Research and Wellness. In this issue our Healing articles look at which religions are allowing Voluntary Assisted Dying, one man who is doing so much work to help develop our children to have an interfaith and intercultural understanding of spirituality, and some solid tips on how to manage grief, and be stoic at work. Our research articles are always cutting-edge and in this issue include how scientists are engineering E.coli to generate electricity, and how AI is being used to track disease risk predictions and targeting the safe use of medicine after patients leave hospital. In our Wellness section, it is great to publish that the World Health Organisation is now committed to advance evidence-based Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine, and our Feature this issue on Wellness Travel in Thailand which showcases four of the top wellness spas/retreats in this country. And this is just some of what this magazine includes , so don’t miss this one!

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