Season 4: Episode 6
People Reaching Out To People

This week Cate talks with Rob Prugue from People Reaching Out to People (PROP®), which is a mental health education program focused on addressing the underlying stigma often associated with depression and anxiety. “Much of mental health ‘awareness’ is littered with harmful stigma, borne out of outdated social standards, and as long as this is even partially influenced by such restrictive and debilitating social stigma, the ability to engage empathetically with loved ones, friends and workmates is compromised” says Founder Rob Prugue. Put together by recognised academics and licensed practitioners, PROP is a Tutorial Series which is delivered electronically in four modules; each module taking no more than ten minutes to read. The purpose? That through education, social stigma can be changed to empower people to engage with friends and loved ones who are experiencing depression or anxiety in much the same way as they would if they were battling with a physical medical condition. It takes a village.