1. Arguing about things we have absolutely no knowledge about

2. Jumping to conclusions . putting comments on articles based on titles or images without reading the article first.

3. Texting the whole time when you are hanging out with a friend. Why spend time with them if you’re just going to be glued to your phone the whole time?

4. Buying things we don’t need with money we don’t have … to impress people we don’t care about who don’t care about us.

5. Recording concerts on our mobile phones or worse – iPads

6. Drinking and driving, texting and driving,using our mobile phone at the cinema, talking on the phone while ordering coffee etc.

7. Stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes

8. Not collaborating and listening

9. Not saying please and thank youfor your mistakes

10. Treating people working in retail or customer service badly.

11. Stop worshipping celebrities and idols.

12. Stop glorifying busy The amount of times I hear/I say “I’m just so busy” is absurd. It’s okay to have things to do but I think we pride ourselves on the overload.

13. My children need to stop talking and just go the fuck to sleep. Now.

14. Stop watching “reality” TV and glamorising selfish people.

15. We all need tostop judging people on first impressions

16. Stop stealing – children’s bikes, or anyone’s bikes, or stealing anything – unless you’re starving or truly desperate

17. Stop doing the graffiti. Unless you have something valuable to say and/or you’re a talent and your art or statement is making what you’re vandalizing more meaningful or beautiful

18. Buying things made in China then dumping all your practically new stuff whenever you feel like it

19. Buying and wearing new fur or leather. – Go secondhand!

21. Using takeaway cups.

22. Teaching advanced show-off yoga poses in all levels classes without adequate preparation. Teaching yoga without consistent emphasis on alignment or breath.

23. Bullying not speaking up in a gentle yet firm manner that assumes nothing when we see bullying.

24. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground.

25. Calling food grown in plastic on farms and sold in plastic packaging organic Calling anything ‘natural’ – a meaningless term. BS PR, generally. Hype.

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