by Rachel Horton White 

There is a war out there against the expansion of human consciousness. It has been escalating in recent years to the point where we must protect ourselves from the onslaught of this intervening frequency trying to turn us into stressed-out, sick automatons.

This is the same low-vibration energy that is responsible for the ravaging and disregard of the Earth herself along with all the plants and animals; responsible for the profit-driven, billion-dollar business of war and for the overly-medicated, misdiagnosed children raised on screens; responsible for the greediness of the pharmaceutical industry ‘treating’ illnesses that often make us even sicker – and obviously, responsible for the insanity that seems to run the U.S. government.

And most recently, the proposed 5G technology for cell phones is really the icing on the cake.

Awakening to Truth

Many of us wonder if we will ever feel better, if the Earth will ever heal. There are scares about climate change, about mass extinction of entire species, and about the future of humanity itself.

But the greatest danger to the human race is our own unwillingness to pull the blinders off of our eyes. Smartphones have taken over many people’s consciousness to the point where they are numbing themselves to their loved ones and to their own souls. Our addiction to the news and to sources we think are telling us the truth have turned friends and family against each other just because they voted for a certain person for President.

It’s not fun to wake up to the fact that many of these institutions are harming us (although, as with everything, there are both good and bad elements in all). And many of us are still in denial about this, refusing to accept the enormity of the lies that we have been fed.

It’s too upsetting to believe so we try to go back into our shells and pretend it’s not real. But eventually we wake up to the Matrix (this movie, like many, has a message for us) and realise we are living in a version of the Truman Show.

Shifting Energies

Fortunately, the energies are shifting to shake us out of our slumber. More and more people are experiencing spiritual awakening (are you seeing 11:11 everywhere?).

Often, change does not occur until it is forced, or until it gets more difficult to avoid. It’s going to get harder and harder to avoid flowing with these new, expansive energies.

We have reached a point when people can choose the path of love, healing, forgiveness, kindness and freedom. It is a path that requires great courage, risk and overcoming fear. The alternative is the path of being afraid, of going along with the crowd and of making choices based on worry about the worst-case scenario. We have free will as human souls. We can choose love, or we can choose fear. Often we choose a mixture of both.

Faced with so many choices, it’s natural to feel so overwhelmed that we do nothing. But it is this collective apathy that has led us to the state that we are in today.

Defeating Overwhelm: Start with One Small Thing

What do you care about? What one small thing can you do to make a positive change in the world today?

In the past, when I saw something that bothered me, I would have complained to someone, but then probably forgotten about it.

Let me give you an example. Recently, after visiting a local farm and dairy product company that claims to be free-range, we were dismayed to see that the cows were not free-range at all. My kids told me they did not want to go back there “until the cows’ chains were off their necks.”

Before, I would have felt that I could not really do anything to change the situation. But that excuse does not work for me anymore. I can no longer watch from the sidelines. And my children remind me of this.

So, one small thing. I emailed the company management and wrote a review of them, but they said they would do nothing. So I wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper (which was published). The next step, if needed, will be to contact the suppliers and restaurants to let them know about the problem so they can refuse to buy from this company if need be.

Humans for years have unconsciously eaten animals that have suffered, or bought products that put chemicals in our bodies or on our lawns.

The power of the consumer to put the pressure on companies to do better with what we buy or do not buy cannot be underestimated.

What’s your one small thing, that you can do now, today, to make a difference?

Activate to Evolve

We are awakening to the truth of what has been done to us in our lives. It’s not our fault. Mostly. But we now know. So it’s up to us to now do something about it. This is our time to activate. Each and every one of us.

The solutions are simple when broken down. Here are 7 things that work for me and may also help you:

• Quiet your mind every day. At least for 5 minutes, ideally for 15-20 minutes.

• Connect with something beyond yourself – something based in light and love.

• Put your phone down when you can. Just try it. Wait 5 seconds before picking it up next time. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” and see if it feels good to you.

• Get out in nature for no particular reason or purpose other than just to wander, explore and observe.

• Connect with other people, in person if possible. Ask for Spirit to guide you to people that can lift you up and support you.

• Do something to help the world. “Think globally, act locally.” Pick one cause you care about and take five minutes to do something – more than just signing a petition online. Make a phone call, write a letter to the editor, show up at a rally.

• Think about what you buy, eat and put on your body and in your home and make a statement with your wallet. If it has chemicals in it, is made of an animal that has suffered, or is rooted in perpetuating harm to the Earth in some way, you may want to pause and really ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Consumers Will Ultimately Revolutionise Our World

When we refuse to give our money to companies that destroy the Earth and its beings, they will either change their ways or cease to exist.

We are now being asked to choose. The turning point has been reached. We are being asked to have courage. We are being asked to heal ourselves and find light in our hearts. Not everyone will answer this call. They may experience life in a completely different way than you do.

The time has come for us to activate, to speak up for justice, to advocate for causes we believe in, and to help ourselves and others by connecting with our souls and with light all around us to help us do this.

I do believe there is a lot of hope for change, as more people are choosing the path of expansion, freedom and love. And there are positive changes being made in some areas of government, companies, education and even the health care system. But more of us are needed to speak up from a place of love, compassion and forgiveness (even for those responsible for the suffering). The time is now for us to decide.

I believe that nature will eventually recover. Whether or not humans choose to do so is another story. What will you choose?

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