By Anna Johansson

Everywhere you look, there’s a new trick for losing belly fat. It’s plastered on billboards, social media, and even in doctor’s offices. With obesity on the rise, marketers are taking advantage and making a mint off treatments that don’t work nearly as effectively as the makers claim.

In reality, there is a “secret” to losing belly fat, but it has nothing to do with chemicals or other weight loss fad ingredients. It also won’t happen in a snap. The key is actually all about implementing healthier habits; and if you do so consistently, the fat will disappear.

Most people struggle with their mid-section because they don’t fully understand weight loss. Losing belly weight is more complex, simply because you’re dealing with more than one kind of fat. Belly fat is made up of subcutaneous fat, which is the looser fat just under the skin’s surface, intramuscular fat, which is found in the skeletal muscles, and visceral fat, which is stored between your abdominal organs.

Because there are so many types of fat you’re dealing with when targeting belly fat, it often takes a little extra work to reduce. It’s important to focus on varying natural techniques to help you lose the pooch – here are a few ideas to get you started.

Decrease Sugar Intake

Focusing on reducing sugar intake is very important, particularly sugary drinks. There’s nothing belly fat likes more than copious amounts of sugar. Replace your excess sugar intake with fibre, which is known to target and reduce belly fat. Reducing sugar intake and increasing fibre will work on the visceral fat stored between your organs.

Start with Simple Exercises

Exercise is essential to losing belly fat, but it’s difficult to stick to an exercise regime if you choose a routine that’s too complex for your level of physical fitness. Start by working up your cardio, starting with walks, and then increasing your speed until you can jog. Cycling can also be a great alternative cardio workout, since it effectively works the core.
Supplement your cardio with an abdominal routine that matches your abilities. The cardio will work on your subcutaneous fat, while the abdominal routines will focus on diminishing intramuscular fat.

Reduce Time Spent Sitting

A principal reason people have become so obese over the last few decades has a direct correlation with their working environment. Now that the majority of people are sitting at a desk for work, they’re getting much less exercise, and missing out on the fat-burning benefits of moving around.

Instead of sitting down and keeping the excess belly fat, choose to move more. Whenever you can, walk around. Drink more water so you need to walk to the bathroom more often. Drinking water will also help you to feel less hungry and crave sweet things less frequently. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and park as far away from the building as you can. This will be a different way of life, but if you want to lose that belly fat, you’ll make the commitment.

Change Your Mindset

Working on losing belly fat can be discouraging, which makes a change in mindset essential. You’ll need to rewire your brain to think about dedication, hard work, and healthy eating. Rethink the way you make dessert and cook meals. Look up healthy alternatives to use when cooking, and throw out fatty, salty, and sugary foods. The more you’re able to change your unhealthy ways and practice self-control, the more success you’ll have with cutting out that unwanted belly fat. Good luck!