By Nanice Ellis

So, here you are on Earth noticing all that is wrong – and yes, there appears to be a great deal that is ‘wrong.’ When we look at all the problems in the world, it is easy to get overwhelmed and bury our heads in the sand, however, that is not why we came here.

If you are reading this, you are likely here on a Mission for World Change!

At this moment, my job is to remind you that you came to this world to create a better reality now and for future generations. You came here to create Heaven on Earth.

But, how can you create Heaven when you are looking at (or even experiencing) what appears to be hell? Not an easy task if you don’t understand the hidden dynamics of conscious creation. The problem is, most of us don’t remember how to consciously create and, of course, being a conscious creator isn’t part of the school curriculum (yet). Luckily, you and I have forums like Wake Up World to communicate through. I am going to lay it out straight for you, and then you can decide what to do.

Fixated on the problem?

It is human nature to look at something undesirable and either get fixated on it or repulsed by it. It is no secret that neither of these responses will change anything. When we are fixated on a problem, we actually give our energy to the problem and the problem grows. When we are repulsed, and turn away, we are still giving energy to the problem because we hold the vibration of repulsion between us and that which repulses us – that too adds energy to the problem. If we take action from either of these states, we are aligned with the energy of the problem and therefore we are not aligned with the energy (vibration) of the solution. This means that any action taken from these states of consciousness will not remedy the issue and may even add to the mountain before us.

Instead of being paralysed by the world’s woes, or fuelled by fear, there is another way.

The Problem-Solving Universe

We live in a Universe that creates through problem-solving. This means that the Universe utilises problems to innovate solutions and then orchestrates the manifestation of those solutions.This is how the Universe expands through the process of manifestation.

With every problem comes a solution that grows the Universe.

You might even say that the solution exists prior to the problem and the problem is designed to invoke the solution. In other words, if everything was all nice and tidy, lovely and sweet, we would not ask for more, and if we, as creators, don’t ask for more, our Universe does not grow or expand.

The Universe loves problems because problems spark manifestation and often grand manifestation. The bigger the problem, the bigger the solution. This is why we are in for Huge Shifts on our planet right now. But someone (you and me for example) has to ask for these shifts and has to align with these shifts in order for them to materialise. If you keep staring at the problem and focusing on more problems, what you get is more and more problems without solutions.

Problems or issues act as a contrast so that we ask for something better. Without contrast we wouldn’t know what to ask for, but if you keep looking at the contrast and complaining about the contrast, you just get more and more contrast – without ever realising or manifesting the solution.

You are not doing your job as a conscious creator, or rather you are doing half your job, if you are noticing the problems but you are not asking for (and aligning with) the solutions. Every solution already exists in the quantum field, but if we are not a vibrational match or complement to that solution, it does not materialise in what we experience as our reality. Again, all solutions already exist, but if we are more aligned with the problem than the solution, the solution cannot be experienced through us.

How do you align with solutions?

Despite how real everything might seem (thanks to our vibrational interpreting senses), our world is not solid. According to many experts in the field of quantum physics, what we call reality is actually a holographic universe. This means that reality is dream-like in nature. If this is true, the next question is, “How can you change or influence a dream?” You certainly cannot change or influence a dream by brute force, but you can influence a dream through your consciousness.

Take a moment and look around – whatever you now see, hear, smell or feel is experienced through your consciousness. Try to find something (anything) that is not experienced through your consciousness. It is impossible. Here is the thing, reality is not just experienced through your consciousness – reality is projected through your consciousness. In other words, without your consciousness, reality, as you know it, would not exist. We are having a really grown up conversation here because we are talking about taking complete responsibility for your individual consciousness, and if you can take responsibility for your consciousness, you have taken responsibility for reality. If you want to change reality, you must only change your consciousness.

So, if you are focusing on the problem, your consciousness is both projecting and experiencing the problem. The more you focus on what you do not want, the more you create what you do not want – causing you to get caught in a perpetual loop, or what is comically known as ‘ground hog day.’ The problem cannot change as long as you give your energy/consciousness to it.

Negative thinking is focusing on what you do not want. Positive thinking is focusing on what you do want. The point is, be informed of the issues, and then reform your consciousness in order to invoke the solutions.

The Key to Shifting Consciousness

Here is the million dollar question, “How do you shift your consciousness so that you will experience a higher version of reality, aka the solution?”

The answer to this question must be something that you can alter in yourself. What is the one and only thing that you have control over? The answer, of course, is your imagination. Granted, most of us have imaginations analogous to runaway trains – taking us along for the ride, and often taking us where we don’t want to go. But, this is only because no one has ever showed you how to manage and master your imagination. Your imagination is the magic wand of the Universe – and you are the Wizard!

Imagination is the ability to image something (anything and everything) into being.

Notice that I am not saying ‘visualisation.’ Visualising is a part of imagination and often an essential part but it is only one component. When you imagine something, you may see, hear, smell, taste and feel it as if it is already so. If you only visualise, you are limiting your imagination. Not everyone has the ability to visualise but everyone has the ability to imagine in their own powerful way.

The final component to imagination is belief. If you don’t believe what you imagine, you have created a vehicle without the energy to run it – so it takes you nowhere.

Belief is the Energy of the Universe that ignites the quantum field into action

If you imagine something but you have this inner voice that is criticising your imagination or reciting all the reasons why it can never be so, you are missing the whole point, and you are mis-aligning with the creative process. Your work is to massage your imagination over and over until you reach a point where you believe in your imagination, or better said, you believe what you imagine.

It is your belief that energizes images into manifestation.

If you do not believe the reality of what you are imaging, you are not in alignment with its manifestation, and if you are not in alignment, it cannot manifest in your reality – in your consciousness. If you say that you want something but you don’t believe that you can have it, you have incongruent energy. In order for you to consciously create a better reality, your energy must be congruent. Your thinking and emotions must line up in order for manifestation to occur. Your belief is an indicator of your alignment. If you don’t believe that you can have what you desire, your divided energy goes in opposite directions, neutralising the power of your desire.

You might think, “How do I know that I can believe it?”

Since no beliefs are true, until you make them true through the power of your belief, you get to choose what you want to believe. The thing is, you can create anything that you dream about. The Universe always says yes, but if you don’t believe that you can have it, because you feel unworthy, or you have self-doubt, you are not a vibrational match to that which you desire and therefore it will not materialise. It is only you that is keeping you from having what you want – both on a global and personal scale. Your work is to get out of the way – to release all the beliefs that keep you from knowing that you can and will have all that you desire – on every level. If you do this work, eventually your consciously creative beliefs will turn into a sense of knowing. Once you know something, it is as good as done.

The key to manifesting your imagination is Knowing that it is already so. This is the Secret of the Ages!