By Tracy Kolenchuk

Have you heard the latest ‘medical wisdom’? It’s become a mantra for chronic diseases, from arthritis, to diabetes, to depression to dementia. “Learn to live with your disease.” But it’s a lie. What is really being said is “Accept the fact that you are going to die with your disease.” Learn to die with your disease.

There are no cures for chronic disease. Modern medicine has abandoned cures. There are lots of reasons why cures are problematic, but it’s not what you think. It’s easy to imagine that drug manufacturers want to sell us drugs, not cures, because drugs that cure don’t sell much – they work themselves out of business cure. The best selling drugs are those that don’t cure. But it’s not so simple…

The truth can only be found in opposites. What’s the opposite of ‘learn to live (die) with your disease’? Cure your disease. But modern medicine has a few simple problems. Most medicines don’t cure any disease. Most diseases simply cannot be cured by medicines. Not only that, ‘cured’ is simply not defined for most illnesses – especially those that are easily and often cured by health, like the common cold, measles, and influenza.

So, most medicines can’t cure, and most diseases can’t be cured by medicines, what’s to be done? Promote “learn to live (die) with your disease’. Bonus: When patients learn to live (die) with their diseases – there’s a steady cash flow for sick care. The medical market is booming. And the proof is easy to find. There are organizations raising funds to help you ‘learn to live with’ every disease. Lots of money is being raised. But no one is looking for cures: “Living with Diabetes”. “There is no cure for diabetes, but it can be managed.” Learn to live (die) with your diabetes. “The Obesity Society is committed to improving the lives of those with obesity.” Learn to live (die) with your obesity. “We provide science-based treatment guidelines to healthcare professionals to help them provide quality care to their patients”… so they can learn to live (die) with their heart disease. “Living with Arthritis.” Learn to live (die) with your arthritis

What would happen if there was a cure for diabetes, obesity, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and more? These organizations would be out of business. But as long as we accept and promote ‘Learn to live (die) with your disease,’ donations, and businesses are booming. “Mission: The American Cancer Society is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem.” But farther down the web-pages, we see: “When a headline from a major, respected news organization shouts ‘Cure,’ all of us need to stop and take a breath.” Translation: There is no cure, cure is not defined for cancer, so if someone claims a cure, stop and take a deep breath. But we are working to help you: Learn to live (die) with your disease.

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I could go on… I often do. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, hypertension, chronic migraines, lung disease, Chrohn’s, asthma, allergies, and more. Learn to live (die) with your disease.

You might ask if there is a, and what is their mission. Actually, there is a, and a Cure.comsells car insurance. is a rock band. is a religious organisation dedicated to ‘Healing the sick(children) and proclaiming the kingdom of God‘. There is no medical or scientific organisation that studies the science of cures. Learn to live with it.

Take note: Sometimes people actually cure their disease. It’s not hard to find people who have cured their obesity, their arthritis, their Parkinson’s, even their cancer. But they can’t prove their disease is cured – because ‘cured’ is not defined for these diseases. It is not possible to prove a cure, only to wait and see, only to “learn to live with” the fact that your disease might not be cured.

What happens to people who do cure their disease? They disappear. They are simply ignored. Every single cure is a single case, a single event, an anecdote. There is no disease to be attended. Nothing to see here! Move along, move along, we’ve got work to be done. There are lots of sick people in need of medicines.

Disease organisations raise a lot of money. But if there are no cures, what can they do with the money raised? Invest in cures? Not likely. Medicines simply can’t cure most diseases. Most diseases are cured by health, not by medicine. Cures are hard. We can’t put health in a bottle and sell it. So, what’s to be done? Invest in new medicines that don’t cure. Make them newer, better, faster, stronger. No. They don’t cure, but they “don’t cure” better than the old medicines that don’t cure.

You might give up and accept the fact that you must ‘learn to live (die) with your medicine’, but that doesn’t actually work either. Every medicine that doesn’t cure actually creates a new side illness. They’re not called illnessesthough, they’re called ‘side effects’. A side (illness) effect is simply an illness caused by a medicine. There are always ‘newer’ medicines that don’t cure. Just when you get comfortable with one medicine, along comes another one that “doesn’t cure” even better. And it has fewer documented side (illnesses) effects, because it’s new.

Maybe you should try an ‘alternative medicine’. Sorry. The medical establishment is often telling the truth, just not the whole truth, when they claim “alternative medicines don’t cure”, the truth is actually a bit longer sentence — “Most medicines don’t cure, and most alternative medicines don’t cure either.” Alternative medicines might “not cure” better than conventional medicines, because their side (illnesses) effects are less dangerous, but if a disease can’t be cured by a medicine, it can’t be cured by an alternative medicine either.

If we want to cure chronic disease, we need healthicines, not medicines. Most chronic diseases are caused by chronic, unhealthy habits. They can only be cured by healthy habits. A healthicine is not a thing you can manufacture and test in clinical studies, and put in a bottle. It is the practice of healthing. The practice of making yourself healthier. It is the only cure for many diseases – and the only cure for all chronic diseases.

But today, there are no healthicines. When a healthicine cures a chronic illness, the cure is not noticed or recognised. There is no market for healthicines. There isn’t even an approval process for healthicines, only for medicines.
To your health, Tracy