By Carmen Allgood

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? In 1967 we saw ‘The Summer of Love; gathering speed, setting the stage in San Francisco for a radical change that no one could have predicted. Well, maybe Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce saw it coming.

By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong. And right now the Baby Boomers are a bit shell-shocked that The Woodstock Music and Art Fair: An Aquarian Exposition, was a big, gigantic surprise 46 years ago.

The hippie movement dropped into high gear in the summer of 1969 for three days of peace, love, and music on Max Yasker’s dairy farm in New York. The counter-culture gave birth to anti-establishment ideals and early-tacky clothing. Hair cuts were out — free love was in.

During the bad-weather event, three souls passed and three new souls hopped on board to join the ’hooked generation.’

Not to be upstaged in the realm of monumental happenings, The Beatles arrived in the states 51 years ago and the rest is just history. Rock & Roll was here to stay, destined somehow to save the day.

These pivotal events took society by storm via drugs and sex and rock and roll, uniting us under a single thought that astrologers called The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The battle cry of the ’60’s became: “Who am I, what are we?” and was adopted through a telepathic osmosis — or terrestrial thought as a whole — by a generation that was driven to turn on, tune in, and drop out.

It also aged our parents who looked on in horror as they thought in silence: My God, we’ve created a monster! Almost 76 million boomers arrived in the U.S. alone. Time flies when you’re having fun, and time is on our side, yes it is …

Soul Sacrifice

It should come as no surprise to us that everyone resonates to a much higher frequency and vibration than what we present ‘down here.’ Our joyful noise travels on and on across the universe via sound waves known as music. There’s just no stopping a great thing.

So let’s fess up that all the commotion we generate is also making waves of a different sort. So perhaps it would be in our best interests to see to it that any potential receivers “out there” are only picking up good vibrations.

Say the Word and You’ll be Free

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young composed a song called “Music is Love,” which pretty much summarises the stuff everything is made of.

Word on the street is that a child prodigy will excel in math or music, denoting an inner child’s need for a never-ending stream of ‘Vitamin M.’

Either way, mathematicians will ultimately narrow it down to ‘everything is one thing,’ revealing the simplicity of oneness. Most scientists agree that everything came from one thing; the truth about us is the same. Spiritualists teach that oneness is sublime.

Ironically, acknowledging that content trumps form does not help technicians recognise the unity that binds us all together, which establishes the unalterable rule of oneness. This revelation still seems a little too far-fetched to be accepted by intellectuals, which is why we need musicians who do not know how they know, but happily deliver the goods anyway.

As the messengers, musicians everywhere will be the first to admit they use words, or no words, to let us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all one and love is the answer. Language presents no barriers when feelings of joy and happiness are so evident in the vibe of a song.

Talkin’ About My Generation

The reason music strikes a chord so deep within us is because it is in tune and perfect harmony with everything that is. Music is an invisible, intangible force that elevates us to our inner sanctum — just like love.

With zero degrees of separation, the sound of music is what gets our attention, draws us all together, and heals our hearts as one — ask anyone.

Music isn’t just attractive to humans. Animals are clearly stimulated and soothed by love as well. Birds dance, cobras sway, cats swish their tales, and dogs are known to sing along with their masters. Horses prance and elephants set their massive heads and trunks in a pendulum motion to beautiful music. Birds sing, bees buzz, and the earth vibrates with babbling brooks while trees rustle, wolves howl, and the wind cries Mary.

Plants also show a strong affinity for classical music, and cringe over heavy metal.

Baby, Baby Can’t You Hear My Heart Beat

There’s been a lot of speculation as to the origins of life, which carries us up to this moment in time. Uncertainty leaves us
feeling helpless with the daunting task of deciphering the theory of everything.

The original instrument humans had is the beating of a heart. The heart stretches and rolls with every heart that beats as one.
The first vibe and sound we experience is the heartbeat of our mother, calling us to feel connected and at peace.

Science is awesome, but it will never outshine the spiritual delight and heights we can reach as individuals who feel caught up in the rhythms of life. Our divine essence is perfectly in tune with the ebb and flow of the symphony we all hear as we make our way through this world.

Show Me the Meaning of the Word

Music is one of the only things we will listen to ‘en masse’, as it moves effortlessly across all barriers and boundaries we have established to lay claim to what inherently belongs to everyone. And it’s one, two, three, what are we fighting for?

When we’re down and troubled and we need a helping hand, count on a bunch of pot-smoking musicians to save the day. They can put on world-wide concerts that our governments could never organize, providing a serious band aid where it is needed the most.

Musicians are great keynote speakers because they don’t have an agenda. Their only function is to share their gift and lift us all as one. It is working.

Songwriters and composers use their art to reflect what people are thinking and feeling. Lyrics speak loudly and clearly of political and social unrest. Songs tell us how to live our lives, what choices we can make, and how to deal with emotional struggles.

Music also elevates us to another place and time that touches a sensitive nerve. It generates a one love, one heart vibration that serves as a constant reminder that we are all in this together.

Nothing seems to slap down the establishment in such a loving way as music. It reflects the angst of young people who are dealing with inequality and oppression. It also heals wounds and gives us more hope than anything else in the world, reminding us to release ourselves from mental slavery.

The Sounds of Silence

It seems preposterous that there is so much conflict on our tiny planet. Our task lies in healing the core issue that makes the illusion of separation from love seem real. And history would not keep repeating itself unless we were making the same mistake over and over: We refuse to love one another.

Still, the world is making great strides in the right direction. Carried on the wings of love, millions of gifted artists express the beauty that rests in each of us.

With all the Karmic deals going on, let us be willing to release the issues and beliefs that keep the problem unresolved.

Regardless of the path we choose we still arrive at the only destination there is. And we can either take the long way home, or be here now.

Turning to songs is the key of life and recognise that loving our neighbour is the same as loving ourselves. In the end, the love we take is equal to the love we make. Love is the Answer.