by Indra

We seek bliss continually, constantly craving and desiring, because we – with our coming into existence on this gorgeous blue planet – inherit a programming of our minds that leads us to believe that we have to leave our natural, universal connection, and plug into the man-made systems in order to achieve bliss. I’ll give you a few examples: Ever heard of somebody chasing higher levels of success, the one true love, more money, a perfect body, or a bigger house in the pursuit of happiness, only to discover that the sense of relief and joy they were seeking did not set in?

Our falling hook, line, and sinker for that programming is really the biggest scam on earth! It has made us dependent upon things that are, to put it frankly, completely and utterly undependable, at least for sustainable happiness. However, more than anything, and in my opinion, far worse, it has crippled our spiritual evolution. It can be phrased like this:

Trade in the happiness you already are for the chase of the watered-down, short-lived, dubious version made up by someone else.

The most horrible rub of this human cycle of behaviour is that after a lifetime of seeking all the possible cures for our pain – of following everyone else in the unspoken (or sometimes not so unspoken) contest of accumulating wealth, gathering possessions, being as politically correct as possible – we still don’t find the bliss we seek. In fact, although we try to find happiness through the means prescribed by our social systems, we come to realise that the bliss we have been offered is just a knock-off – a cheap, poorly crafted imitation of the real thing. And the most startling realisation is this:

The real thing, bliss itself, is always right there within you! In fact, it is you. Bliss is your true nature.

You want the real deal? You want the true, all-pervading, long-lasting incredible sensation of bliss? Then always, always, always follow your Bliss Instinct.

The Bliss Instinct

In its most basic format, following your Bliss Instinct is simple: It comes down to slowing down all pursuits of happiness and relaxing into the things in your life that feel inherently good: the very simple, yet completely perfect sensations of bliss, like times when you feel safe and secure; the fluid delight of taking a long, hot bath; the peaceful feeling of a beautiful, quiet afternoon.

We feel these breaths of our natural bliss always, throughout our lives. They are like lost voices calling to us, reminding us of who we truly are; they are deemed nice by society, but not important – at least not as important as having more, bigger, better things.

There is good news, though. Being your true nature, bliss will never completely leave you (think back on my story). Even in times when you are feeling smothered by social constraints, all it takes is a swim in the ocean or listening to the silence of the woods – or whatever it might be that triggers that blissful feeling in you. In these seemingly unimportant moments, you connect to bliss by recognising and allowing yourself to become it.

Relax your body for a minute right here as you read. Take a deep breath and feel your entire body while simply watching your mind. Become aware of the physical sensations within your body: Feel your skin, your muscles, your internal organs, your bones, your blood, all your cells in your body, and your DNA. Keep doing this until you actually feel yourself slowing down. Soon enough you will feel nothing but yourself and your own natural bliss. Now, truly connect with this bliss and follow it – and then wholly and completely surrender to its instinctual instructions.

Don’t worry if your mind takes off in a whirlwind of interior dialogue – just stop judging yourself. Bliss is right there inside you, ready to work for you as it did when you were a child, not caring, not judging. Always think of yourself as wonderful and simply relax again. Do this exercise again whenever you are ready, and know that you have just made your first conscious, tangible connection with your Bliss Instinct.

Becoming a Bliss Surfer

As with anything else you’re new at, practising and strengthening your connection with your Bliss Instinct will make it easier over time. Gradually, connecting with your native bliss over and over again will make you capable of knowing when you are experiencing your actual bliss and when you are being tricked by your ego posing as your bliss. You feel it. It is not some pie in the sky idea that you never get to experience on a visceral level. You know it and sense it – you just did.

Getting reacquainted with the wave of bliss and making it last is a real challenge – undeniably. However, I also know that you will be delighted with what you are actually feeling. And, as every bliss surfer will tell you: It gets easier with practice as you welcome bigger and bigger waves of bliss into your life that spark your sense of wisdom, worth, and courage. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you take on greater adventures, launching your soul’s potential for absolute abundance, perfection, beauty, and love!

It Simply Feels Good

Knowing when you are aligned with your Bliss Instinct is as simple as this: It feels really good! For example, when you are facing an urgent situation and need to make an impactful decision, relaxing into your bliss, connecting with the physical sensation, allows you the perspective you need to best make that decision. In order for you to see the best choice clearly, connect with the possibilities that lie ahead of you. Relax your body and open up to them, one at a time. How does your body respond? What do you feel? Do you feel a sense of joy; do you feel euphoric, or do you feel numb? Or perhaps, do you get knots in your stomach or feel filled with fear?

When you feel good, there is no confusion. It is your body telling you, “Yes, go for it,” and a sense of calmness, relaxedness, peace, and maybe even euphoria takes over. In some cases, you may feel more at ease with what arises inside you than you do in other cases. A good choice isn’t always easy to make. However, what will surprise you – even if you have difficulty trusting yourself at first – is how quickly you will feel your bliss take over as your guide.

You’ll start noticing how seemingly random events in your life, like meeting the right person at the right time or stumbling upon opportunities, have a magical quality to them, as if the universe is conspiring to steer you in just the right direction. It is simply your senses taking charge, assuming the role of a loyal guardian of your life.

Based on this principle, your body also has ways of telling you “Don’t go there,” communicating with you through feelings of discomfort, resistance, or contraction, rather than expansion. The “no” response can be just as difficult to accept as the yes response; however, the reality is, even though a certain choice may seem like the “only acceptable thing to do” or you feel it is expected of you, there are absolutely no grounds for entertaining that thought or making that choice if you receive a no response from your body. Investigating the underlying motivation for going against the wisdom of your body reveals the fact that it simply originates in habitual patterns from the conditioning you have received all your life. These programs arise from your mind and form no solid ground of reality in your life. Thoughts and beliefs about what we should or shouldn’t do come from past conditioning and hold no true power unless we let them. They are mirages and nothing more.

If you feel numb, or you don’t get a response from your body, the answer is still “no.” Your Bliss Instinct is designed to guide you on the path that brings about your absolute growth, benefit, and happiness. If your body is not feeling a full-fledged sense of joy, the path you are currently taking is simply not worth pursuing. However, never stop consulting with your Bliss Instinct; in certain circumstances, the lack of responsiveness simply means “not yet.” When this happens, it could just be that the energy of a given choice is not aligned with the most amount of bliss at the point in time you seek your guidance.

It can be tricky to allow yourself to understand that you don’t need to take off on a flight of fancy with all the thoughts fleeting through your mind, and to shift your decision-making processes from the mind to the body. However, the more you learn to relax with the feeling of bliss already waiting for you in your body, the better you become at decoding situations in your life, navigating effortlessly toward choices of truth and joy, gradually becoming more of your natural blissful self.

Over and over again – with other fellow travellers before you and in my own experience – an element of divine timing flows along the pathway of bliss. For example, I recently went camping at the beach. When I woke up the first morning, I couldn’t wait to go swimming in the ocean. That morning – as I do every morning – I tuned into my Bliss Instinct  and allowed it to take me over completely. Everything was great: The early morning sun, the sound of the waves rolling in, the invigorating air; yet, every time I attempted to go into the water, something would come up that needed my attention. I started wondering what was going on, going over the details of the morning to look for clues as to why I shouldn’t go swimming. I didn’t figure it out, and realised I would simply have to wait and see.

Then, finally, all distractions cleared up, and I jumped in the water and swam away from shore, way out into the open ocean. As I continued swimming, I noticed a movement in the water ahead of me. I continued forward, and the roiling of the water moved closer. I stopped to see what it was, and at that moment, a dolphin jumped from the ocean, high into the sky, and did a spinning backflip! Soon after, a whole school of fourteen dolphins joined me and we swam together. I’m sure you can imagine my reaction: It was a totally overwhelming, completely joyous experience that sent shockwaves of thrill through my entire being; I could hardly contain all that happiness!!

Later, when I recounted the experience, thinking how lucky I was to have been in the water at the exactly right time, I remembered how my instinct to swim had been delayed strategically for my meeting with the dolphins, and it almost felt like a small miracle.