by Alex Jordon

Broccoli is a dark green leafy vegetable which is loaded with lots of essential minerals and vitamins and packed with tremendous health benefits. It’s a powerhouse of iron, calcium, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. It also contains rich antioxidants that fight against many infections and illnesses, including cancers.

According to The American Society, consuming more broccoli can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer as it contains phytochemicals which have anti-cancer properties and help the body get rid of H.pylori, a bacterium which has been found to highly increase the risk of gastric cancer.

Broccoli also contains indole-3-carbinol, an anti-carcinogen that may hinder the growth of breast and prostate cancer.

Broccoli regulates the blood pressure thanks to the high amount of potassium it contains. It’s also rich in cholesterol-reducing fibre which can help lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

As one of the most popular vegetables all over the world, it is widely used in a variety of dishes. To preserve the nutrients in it, it’s better to eat broccoli raw in a salad. However, if your family doesn’t really like broccoli, combine it with lemon, honey and apples in a tasty smoothie – a perfect combination which even helps prevent and treat cancer.

How to prepare the broccoli smoothie with apple, lemon and honey:


  • 100g fresh broccoli
  • 100ml water
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice


Wash the broccoli and apple and cut them into small chunks. Put all the pieces and lemon juice with water into the blender. Blend well and transfer the juice into a big cup. Add honey to taste. Enjoy your smoothie.

You will love the taste even if you don’t really fancy broccoli. And there is no doubt that broccoli is a nutritional wonder that also has other health benefits:

1. Slows down the aging process

Diindolylmethane (DIM), a compound found in broccoli, has been found to slow down the aging process and promote life extension.

2. Prevents constipation

Broccoli is an excellent source of fibre – one cup of steamed broccoli contains about 5 grams of fibre which helps prevent constipation and also promotes digestion.

3. Gets rid of toxins from the body

Most toxins that pose a risk to our cells are detoxified in our body through a two-step process. What’s remarkable about broccoli is its ability to alter activity in both steps: The glucosinolates in broccoli assist the first step in detoxification (called Phase I) and its sulforaphane content supports the second step (called Phase II).

Broccoli is also considered as a good detoxifier due to the presence of vitamin C, sulfur and amino acids, which help eliminate free radicals and toxins from the body.

It is becoming universally acknowledged at this stage that reducing sugar intake is extremely beneficial to health and cutting sugar intake is central to this way of eating. Emerging studies also point at the importance of looking at the underlying biochemistry when recommending a ‘healthy’ diet and we might need to start moving away from focusing on single foods.

4. Good for your vision

The good amount of beta-carotene in broccoli protects the eyes against macular degeneration and help syou maintain healthy eyesight.

5. Promotes weight loss

Broccoli can help you stay healthy and keep a slim waistline as well. A cup of cooked broccoli contains about 40 calories.

6. Prevents anaemia in pregnancy

Broccoli prevents anaemia thanks to its rich content of iron (contains 1.2 mg. of iron per 100 g.) as well as vitamin C (increases iron absorption).