By Diana Rose Kottle

Being an authentic voice of change can be what breaks through the collective illusions — especially when it’s hard to even speak above the deafening roar of unconsciousness, judgements, and social programming. Such authenticity has the power to dissolve the veils of separation, awaken those who are asleep, and remind those who may have forgotten what incredibly powerful, spiritual energetic beings of light, we all truly are.

Giving voice to the powerful divine messages that want to flow through each of us, in their own unique ways, can move mountains that seemed immovable; it can be the magical kiss that awakens Sleeping Beauty from her 100 year slumber; it can be a reminder of truth, rising above the scarlet poppy fields of unconsciousness, telling Dorothy that the power to leave OZ, to return home again and awaken, has always been inside of her.

There is so much magical potential when we trust our soul’s guidance and find the courage to bravely share our authentic-soul-truth.

In the infinite ocean of ‘reality’, being the wave that creates a ripple of change, the voice whose message, echoing through the layers of the collective consciousness, plants seeds of magical potential, to connect with and inspire those on the planet who need to hear yourunique authentic truth, your real and raw experiences, yourtriumphs over pain — will support those who are stuck, to rise above their own limitations and stories of struggle, to access and express their own beautiful flow of high frequency light and information.

This is not going to look or sound the same in each of us, as we all have our own magical sparkle and our own unique way of expressing ourself and our truth.

And thank God! because that would make for an incredibly boring sea of sameness and we are not here to create a world full of identical ‘authenticity’ robots conditioned to all do and think and be and sound exactly the same way. (Remember, Oneness does not mean we are all carbon copy clones of one another).

We are each an aspect of Source Consciousness, our own unique individual snowflake, expressing our divine self in the larger collective snow.

And while there may be a similar message that is flowing through many of us, the tone we each bring will have its own flavour — its own unique energy signature (its own specific frequency chime) — whose pure authentic essence, will burst with colourful melodies, ringing its song of truth through the collective mind, body and soul. Those who need to hear our specific message, will feel the true authentic nature (the pure essence) behind our words, as the resonant vibrational tone pours through.

We are here to share our unique magical sparkling essence with the world, to awaken and celebrate the beautiful contrast we all are, with our particular energetic signature expressing itself within the infinitely available spectrum of high vibrational light frequency.

The powerful message that flows through me specifically, is about Inspiring and Empowering Humanity to Awaken.

It is about Embodying and Expressing our Authentic Soul Truth to access our own high frequency light and information; shining our light on the distortions and corruption that keep us stuck in the illusions of separation and fear — to alchemise the darkness, awakening people to what is really going on — so we can all remember who we truly are as beautiful, incredibly powerful, energetic spiritual beings of light.

And to choose to do this from a space of love, empowerment, grace, integrity, kindness, gratitude, courage, authenticity, trust and truth.

The way we show up and share our message, is as important as the message itself. The vibrational frequency that we emit (how we are and be), is the essence of the transmission, behind our words.

What keeps us from showing up and sharing with the world exactly who and how we are?

Well simply put, it can be freakin’ scary — especially if when we spoke up in the past we were given negative harsh feedback, punished, judged, criticised, blamed, shamed, bullied, embarrassed, screamed at, or abused in some manner.

Being emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically, energetically sh*t on in some form, locks trauma memory into our cells, creates a groove in our brain, and stamps an energetic imprint on our soul, keeping us avoiding potentially similar situations in the future (aka: we learn to avoid things that cause pain).Essentially we get so traumatised by past garbage that we don’t want to ever experience that kind of hurt again!

So we adapt and we develop entire belief systems around this that say: “What other people think is more important than what I feel”; “I am unlovable, unworthy and undeserving unless I am (be, do and act) a specific certain prescribed way”; “I must be perfect to avoid getting hurt again”. And the list goes on.

We also hold an innate biological drive (hardwired into our very DNA at a cellular level) to be accepted — based on our primal instinctual basic survival need — and although the landscape has changed over time, being part of a group/tribe is still an essential piece of surviving and thriving (we are not creatures of isolation by nature, and it does take a village).

The pressures of the collective norms, the judgements and critical evaluations that people unconsciously (and often consciously) are constantly throwing at us, serve to keep us conforming –with what are often unhealthy social norms to begin with, simply to gain superficial approval, that we’ve been conditioned to believe we so desperately need to survive in this day and age, where there are no longer actual wild tigers about to eat us around the next turn.

These trigger both our current people-pleasing patterns and pictures of wounding we hold internally, along with our memories/pictures of past pain we hold in our energy bodies, plus our biological basic survival instincts get activated.

This all plays a role in keeping us tethered to the bottom of the ocean, running on an endless wheel desperately seeking love and approval, feeling separate and small and powerless, often remaining silent about how we truly feel — as we continue to stay tangled in knots of fear, eternally playing out our internal dramas, which we project outwardly onto what becomes our external fear-based reality.

We become stuck in a state of emotional paralysis, unable to find, let alone actually use, the powerful voice that lives within each of us.

And then there is the beautiful mighty ocean. The divinely feminine sea is not concerned with how she appears, with what other people will think of her, nor does she judge nor condemn anything. She simply is. And in being exactly as she was created to be, the affect she has on the world is nothing short of epic.

So be like a wave in the ocean and rise above the negativity that seeks to keep you small, or diminish your glowing inner light. Express your truth, without sugar coating it or seeking approval outside of yourself — all the while speaking your truth from a place of kindness, strength and shameless authenticity.

Be exactly who you are and who you were divinely created to be; shine your magical light brightly for all to witness. The world needs to hear your authentic voice, see your specific sparkle, feel your magical essence.

It takes only one raindrop to create a ripple of powerful movement.

You never really know what one little thing you will say, that may ignite the magical flame of authentic truth within another, creating an entire wave of powerful change. It is often the smallest things (1 or 2 millimetre shifts) that create the largest reaching ripples and have the biggest impact on humanity.

So however your personal authentic voice looks and sounds, use it to affect change. This is all part of this magical journey I have come to call, The Alchemy of Awakening. And so it is. Aho. Amen.