By Diana Rose Kottle

As we move through life, and navigate our experiences, we are constantly in a position of choice. Each moment presents yet another opportunity to choose anew. Each second holds a new choice point from which to start again in the now. With each step forward on our path, we get to choose where we place our foot next.

Do we walk around the puddle? Do we jump over it? Do we step directly in it? Perhaps we turn and move in an entirely new direction altogether?

When we are making a choice, it’s important to stop and examine how we are choosing. Are we are choosing out of habit — gravitating to the past, to the familiar, to what we have always chosen?

Are we choosing out of fear — attempting to protect ourselves against bad things that could potentially happen in the future — often based on our past experiences?

Or are we really stopping to ask what is aligned right now, in each unique moment, regardless of the past or future stories we are holding onto or projecting?

The consciousness we hold when making our choices, seeds our choices with this vibrational frequency. A choice made in fear is akin to planting a toxic dis-eased tree and wondering why the fruit it produces is rotten and inedible.

Our choices may be active and conscious (we may be aware of them) or they may be passive and even unconscious (happening by default). Remember, lack of choice is still a choice; we have and are making choices on some level of consciousness always.

Now on the surface it may not feel like you have a choice; you may feel trapped or at the mercy of a thing, another person, or a situation. At first glance it may appear like you are a victim of circumstance, or on the receiving end of other people’s choices. And while other people’s choices do influence us (often greatly), we always have a choice. Period.

We may not be able to control other people or the external events in our life, however, how you respond, what you choose to do with your feelings, the thoughts you allow yourself to think, the actions you choose to take — the path forward — that is up to you.

You are the one who chooses the tone of your story and how you navigate through your life. Your reactions and responses, are always your responsibility. You can own them (take internal responsibility) or you can project them outward (point the finger of blame externally), shirking responsibility. Either way, they are still your choices.

The moment we forget this, we give away our power, and our choices become more passive, more reactive, and more disempowered. They become much less powerful in affecting change or growth or forward movement, in whatever circumstance applies.

How does consciously using the power of choice show up and affect our lives?

Personally, when I started becoming more aware and taking responsibility for how I chose to show up in the world — embracing the shadows on my path with more grace and openness, discovering and receiving whatever gifts were offered me, coming back into the present moment and assessing from this space, and changing the narrative about what was happening and why — my entire world began shifting.

Instead of automatically reacting from a place of fear and/or anger, I began to consciously respond from a place of love and compassion. I began finding the gifts, the silver lining, in even the darkest storm clouds. I connected deeply to the Divine Source Consciousness within me and around me, which I came to know is always there, each and every moment, regardless of the illusion of limitation the external reflection presented. I practised forgiveness, toward myself and others, no matter what story I wanted to stay stuck in that left me tangled in negative toxic emotional patterns, feeling like a big disempowered victim.

I started consciously calling forth the relationships, the people, and the experiences that were truly aligned and resonant with my soul, and releasing those that were incongruent and unaligned. Once I received and integrated the teachings and the lessons, gleaning the nuggets of wisdom from the experiences, outdated relationships and situations began to fall away, creating space for new healthier ones to enter my life.

When you underestimate the power of your choice, you miss out on creating what can be a pretty magical and amazing experience of life, and instead, you do become a victim of circumstance, getting tossed around in the crashing waves like a limp drowning rag doll, who can’t remember how to swim.

You are so much more powerful than a limp soggy water-soaked doll. Believe it or not, you are way more powerful than you can even imagine. At your core essence, you are a powerful energetic spiritual being having an embodied human experience. It is time now to awaken to the truth of who you are, to remember and to claim your empowerment, your worthiness, your freedom and your power of choice.

• What do you choose?

• How do you choose to show up in the face of adversity?

• How could your life expand in magical ways by making more conscious and more aware choices in each moment?

What if you stopped collapsing into a space of feeling effected and victimised by the world, and stopped taking anything or anyone personally, and instead started to own, to claim, and to choose to be more conscious, to become more aligned, and to choose more empowered ways to respond and be at cause; to take responsibility for your choices, no matter what the situation presented?

Coming back into the present moment, grounding ourselves in our body, and clearing out the noise and clutter in our space, creates a clean container in which to make conscious aligned choices in each moment. Consistently making clear, conscious, and aligned choices, has the potential to shift our world in completely magical ways.

Remember, when you decide to numb out or avoid facing the challenges that arise, you are choosing to remain unconscious and stay asleep on some level. When you are making choices based on fear, lack, or avoidance, you are not accessing your true power to consciously choose and co-create your life from a space of empowerment.

Each moment presents a new point from which you can make a more conscious decision, right now. You must choose to consciously show up for your life in an empowered way, and continue choosing this, again and again.

The way you choose to show up in the world is completely up to you; the choice is always yours.

This is all part of what I call, The Alchemy of Awakening. And so it is. Aho. Amen.