You’re highly strung, and you know it. Dr. Elaine Aron defines high sensitivity as an awareness of subtleties in your surroundings and explains that you can be more easily overwhelmed when you have been overly exposed to a highly stimulating environment, “bombarded by sights and sounds until you are exhausted.”

When suffering from an illness or an injury, you need to protect yourself. Healing is slowed down when you’re highly strung. You need to find balance. “Highly strung” means too much tension. Think of the strings of a violin or guitar. The higher strung, the higher the pitch. How do you feel when listening to a high pitched note as opposed to something low? Pitch, frequency, speed – and tension – are related. Your inner tension needs to come down to a healthy level if you want to heal. Strings can break, as can the entire instrument when the tension level is too high. Make time to genuinely relax. Make relaxation a permanent pattern, even an attitude. A mind with a great intrinsic intensity may be admired by outsiders, but it can lead you to mental exhaustion, fatigue of the inner organs, and damage to your immune system.

A highly strung person would be well-advised to examine his or her relaxing strategies. Take short breaks, make it simple, hike in pure natural surroundings where you’re forced to slow down internally, – this is far superior and much better for you than being swept along with large groups of stressed people who find their escapes and excitement in cheering alongside other fans in a football stadium.

Natural environment
Seek out a natural environment. Get the mental picture of “Heidi’s grandfather” living high up in the Alpine mountains with a few animals and just the natural elements of sunshine, wind, grass and wildflowers. Enjoy natural sounds such as the songs of birds. Contrast this image with the hectic pace of city life and the mainstream crowd, generally lacking a deep purpose in life, densely assembled together, releasing emotions by screaming or hollering for a ball ending up in a goal, which is really inconsequential in the big picture of things. Which of the two carries the better, deeper internal relaxation?

Balanced organization also helps when trying to reach a pleasant level of relaxation. To enjoy satisfaction in life there have to be times of intense satisfying activity and times when you “let things be,” ideally all within a week’s schedule on a regular basis. There is a place for sports and indeed for the limited use of computers, TV and mobile phones – but everyone needs a permanent quiet place somewhere in order to regenerate, in order to balance out the daily stresses. Some people relax with a kitten on their lap; in fact, blood pressure normalises when petting a cat. Nature has a pace that never changes, that’s the pace we were meant to live at – and to heal with.

When fairly removed from nature, the present hectic system of life causes us to speed up and tense up. Getting “back to nature” supports healing in the body. This includes a natural diet, herbs, and natural treatments, but getting back to nature’s speed shouldn’t be underestimated: let’s walk on the beach, in a forest, in the hills, every week, to regenerate and to heal.